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Title: Build with Xbow
Post by: Rajado banido on 29 June 2010, 18:20
What do you think about this:

Paladine 19, COT 20, monk 1

Wisdom bas with xbow, zen archer, divine might and divine shield.

start hability: strg 14, dex 8, const 8, int 10, wisdow 16, charism 16, lvl 4 and 8 get charisma and all other lvl get wisdom.

need opnion.


Title: Re: Build with Xbow
Post by: Endlessorrow on 30 June 2010, 07:22
Good build idea raj. :D
   I would take paladin lvls 1-17 and cot lvls 18-21   monk 22 cot lvl 23-36 monk lvl 37 cot 38-39 and pali 40. I think 2 monk would make it alot easier to level and  I like deflect arows for free. 

  Cot gets great wisdom as a bonus feat so you can have great wisdom 10  with a final wisdom of 34 46 buffed for + 18   with +6 gear and div sheild ac would be.. 66ish I think.   A.b. will hit 72 while buffs last   and 26  extra irresistable damage while buffs last!  the best part is you can use the keen cross bow for lots of crits.

   Be sure to take  the rapid reload feat and point blank shot.

  Another option would be to forget a.c. and take 2 fighter levels pre epic  to get weapon specialization.
Cots get to take epic wep.specialization  if you already have wep spec from fighter lvls.  I found that out trying a cleric fighter cot.  crossbow user in my tester module.

Title: Re: Build with Xbow
Post by: azurerogue on 30 June 2010, 17:15
Remember that the new Crossbow bonuses add directly to the AB Bonus of the weapon, making your need for outside buffs smaller (but not increasing the maximum AB possible, in a sense).  Assuming you're using a +5 Crossbow with this build, you're magical attack bonus (the one capped at +20 overall) would be up to +12 already.  Divine Wrath would put you at the +20 cap while only using +8 AB (instead of the +9 it normally would give at 20 CoT).  On top of that, it also makes Bless, Divine Favor, Aid, and Prayer all useless in terms of gaining bonus AB (since you're already at the +20 cap).

This could be considered useful as it frees up spell slots (or opens up other potential class choices) but I just thought I'd remind you that it's not like you're getting

+5 Weapon, +7 Crossbow Class Bonus, +9 Divine Wrath, +1 Bless, +1 Aid, +1 Prayer, +5 Divine Favor for a total bonus of 29.

I know you took that into account with your AB calculation, Endless.  Just pointing it out to others who read the thread.

The build still seems interesting, though.