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Title: Server crashes
Post by: -firecracker- on 27 July 2020, 20:31
Hi all

I've been aware that the server has been crashing a fair amount recently just from the amount of use of the 'server down' thread has had, but I've not really been following the details. I think Grey might be looking into something that could auto-restart the mod after these crashes, but I was also wondering what the root cause is.

As I'm hoping to spend a little dev time soon developing a new DM widget to boost/control drop rates I was thinking of trying to kill two birds with one stone and look at the possible cause of the crash to see if any code can be updated to at least reduce the crashing.

So questions - is anyone able to provide any info on the crashes?
Particular toons causing it?
Specific locations?
An specific actions being carried out?



Title: Re: Server crashes
Post by: GreyDeth on 28 July 2020, 13:59
Hey -fire-

Great to read youre input here  :icon_thumleft:

Maybe something to do with Stable Build 8193.13 from may 13th ?
in combination with slightly older mod-version?

(headsup: I'm on holiday these 2 weeks ... so unfortunately less computer time ... therefore less chance I can install and configure The Game Server Manager)

Title: Re: Server crashes
Post by: GreyDeth on 30 July 2020, 23:14
OK did some heavy effort this time in making Game Server Manager work ...

At first it looked marvelous ... it seemed to work ... unfortunately, however I tried it didn't load the GvM-module
checked and doublechecked and fiddled with path-configurations ... but nope ...
Also the game manager started the nwserver.exe ... but users never could login ... somehow login kept being disabled or idle.
It looked like a dead end ... and was quite frustrating ... so I stopped trying to make this Game Server Manager work.

But now what ....
I figured the main reason to use this Game server manager in the first place was to restart server asap after crash ...

So I made my own solution ...
I created a small "check-and-restart" batch-file which checks the status of nwserver.exe running in the tasklist .... if this is not the case ... it starts another batchfile which will start the GVM-ee-server as usual.

This "check-and-restart" batch-file now runs as a Task ... every 5 minutes.

So if everything is going according to plan ... server will never be down longer than 5 or 6 minutes!

Of course this wont stop crashes in case there is a Windows or Steam update needed ... but I think this will improve "the keep alive" rate ... a lot !

Please keep me posted in this thread in case crash is not resolved after 5 or 6 minutes
Maybe I need some tweaking and testing some in this case.

Title: Re: Server crashes
Post by: bad_karma on 31 July 2020, 09:07
Sounds like a simple, yet effective fix. Thanks Grey!

Title: Re: Server crashes
Post by: GreyDeth on 03 August 2020, 17:29
Since today my firewall tells me I've a Trojan somewhere in my network ...

I really really suspect following the Game Server Manager manual tricked me into installing some pseudo Nwnserver.exe ...

I'm now trying to figure out how to get rid of this trojan ... (and which one it is) ...

Not funny .... I will not trust these "helping programs" anymore ....

Keep you all posted ... server is down in the meantime btw

not sure yet ... did my research for about 2 hours now ... but nothing exclusive found yet ... some strange dubious services on my own machine though ... got rid of these.
Now I'm bringing server back without the "Game Server Manager influences" .... hopefully everything will be back to normal after that ...

Indeed everything seems normal again .... still don't know if it was "the Games Server Manager" or my own PC ... but still I feel safer, now I got rid of this external "Manager"

Title: Re: Server crashes
Post by: bad_karma on 06 August 2020, 15:48
server crashed.. gonna stay for another few minutes to see if Grey's new script kicks it back up!

update: script does not seems to start it. Giving up for today! Ciao!

Title: Re: Server crashes
Post by: GreyDeth on 06 August 2020, 17:07
Hmmm even the "Game server manager" could not have helped here ...
windows pop-up said: server has stopped responding ... see online solution or quit program .....

Hmmm this normally is not happening in case of crash .... normally it just isn't there anymore ... now it was still running but had an "app-crash" ....

bad luck this time I guess ...

anyhow ... server is online again