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Title: The Forge - an attempt at persuasion
Post by: Clevar0ne on 10 October 2020, 00:15
I made this its own subject so I stop bleeding it into all the other topics and hopefully don't annoy everyone.

I'd like to see a forge made available to players to help them use creativity and strategy to beat areas in this mod.  My thoughts on parameters that would make it fun and not kill the server:
1) Forge items should complement a build and allow for more use of the many different customizations in class/spells/etc. WITHOUT letting overpowered items flourish across the mod.
2) Forge items should NEVER outshine boss drop items.  Shouldn't even be on the same continent.  Again, complementary only.
3) Forge items should be EXPENSIVE.  Forge access should have to be earned (please don't make it so you need to kill the same bosses we cant kill, but those travel tokens might be dual purpose.....)
4) Forge implementation should be as simple and update/upgrade proof as possible.....
5) Forge items should be flagged in such a way that DMs can undo/manage if they see things they don't like without needing a server wipe or some such silliness.

I used the toolset to create some items to give cost ranges (below).  I suggest something like 50,000 to 70,000 gold piece maximum value per item, 1 million fee per item and the travel token.  I wouldn't ban any type of properties, but I'm sure some of you will disagree (and may be right).

Theodin Battle Plate - 238,820 gold pieces
+6 AC
Acid 10/
Bludgeon 5/
Slash 5/
Immune to Fear
Regenerate +2
Discipline +5

Luna's Hook - 496,924 gold pieces
+5 Enhancement
Magic damage 2d6
Wis +4
Mass Critical 2d6
Vamp Regeneration +3
Druid only

Mage Breaker Dagger - 109,524 gold pieces
+1 Enhancement
on hit: Mords disjunction dc 14

Bulls Hair Belt - 70,561 gold pieces
+6 Str
+10 Discipline

Title: Re: The Forge - an attempt at persuasion
Post by: GreyDeth on 31 October 2020, 13:25
Still in great doubt if this "Forge-idea" isnt disrupting the game in any way ...

Like the idea though ... especially when even Boss-items can be improved a bit

But, as I have no scripter knowledge whatsoever regarding NWN ... I cannot oversee the whole impact it might have .... so sorry, I'm no great help here.