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Title: List or database somewhere?
Post by: jopacr on 21 November 2020, 17:14
Hey all,

With all the talk of increased drop rates, and the wife and I excitedly discovering the mod is back up and running, is there a list compiled of the known boss drops etc somewhere?

The Wiki link doesn't seem to be working for me, and I've tried searching the forum as best I can, but information seems to be sparse. The lore of old seems to be locked away in the minds of the fallen vets.

Also, I'm using the GvM Map 3.0 excel doc for navigation and noticed last night the Trog lair by Hollins Gate wasn't on the map (and Hollins Gate travels north now instead of west). Sorry for jumping topics, but are there other areas listed somewhere I could try and update the map with?


Title: Re: List or database somewhere?
Post by: -firecracker- on 25 November 2020, 21:47

There is not an official list of drops (e.g. provided by devs/DMs) as it kind of acts as a spoiler. The wiki I think was setup many years ago but I think it has been broken for most of its existence. I'm not sure who set that up either.

A few of the player base over the years did create posts on the forum with screenshots of items to share which I guess there is no harm in - as long as they are marked with spoiler in the title as not everyone may want to know what the mod has to offer.

Regarding a map - I created a new image based one a year or two ago which should be very up-to-date, see this thread:


Or for a direct link to it:


Title: Re: List or database somewhere?
Post by: GreyDeth on 26 November 2020, 11:56
Hey jopacr,

Great to read you're enthusiasm, I also liked the idea of more info about great (red) drops
I tried to start a threat about tactics to help people kill bosses or areas and on a side note also mention the drops there.
And as -fire- mentioned ... it kind of is a big spoiler to have lots of info about drops ... on the other hand ... if you almost never get a drop how do you discover in this low player base what will drop?
So that also was a incentive to create this thread:
Maybe you can help fill this threat too?