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Title: Mod Updates (Historic)
Post by: ollebroc on 30 September 2008, 18:56
Here are the latest updates.

30 Sept 08
  • Assassin's add half there levels to the duration of Poison Weapon
  • Terrorble's Shifter builds added(Still needs adjusting)
  • Terrorble's Holy Sword spell(pally levels added to the dispel)
  • Monk Set items(need all the items for them to work)

  • Seeker Arrow - Adds AA levels to damage
  • Death Arrow - Adds +1 DC for every 2 AA levels over 10
  • Hail Arrows - Adds +1 damage for every 2 AA levels

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 01 November 2008, 19:59
Maybe Olle was posting this already but a few updates went in today.

A PvP flag in the pocket that gives the total kills for each faction/reset.

As war tensions increase it appears both sides have organized themselves to alert defenders.  I think you'll see what I'm referring to soon enough.

Some BG upgrades listed on the update sign.  Their summons past lvl15 I think are updated now too (I didn't have a char to check that part with yet)

If anybody has a PM summoner their lesser demilich, demilich, and dracolich are tougher now.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 05 November 2008, 19:57
An update on the PvP Flag:
  • Displays the Factions total wins for the day
  • Displays the players currently on, thier lvl and total PvP wins for the day
  • Displays the Days Top PvP Leader, beat the Leaders total to get your name posted
  • Deafeat the current Leader to get an extra 500 xp bonus
  • Use your Seals to display the same as the PvP Flag

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 03 December 2008, 17:17
I'll start posting here and on the GvM Wiki the changes that will be made for the post wipe. Then you'll have time to adjust your builds accordingly.
Right now the wipe is scheduled for around the 19th. Rumors of an NPC counter Attack on the 18th should not be taken lightly.

Many of the summons will get changed when CEP 2.2 gets added, so that'll give you 2-3 weeks to use'm as they currently are to help you get a few level 20's quickly.

The Familiar/Companion update that was posted on the Wiki and never added will not be added. Instead we'll go with the equippable Familiar/Companion option(at your own risk). Won't be added til CEP 2.2.

All offensive AOE spells will harm friendlies, so choose your spells wisely, especially in faction areas.

Class Changes (http://www.gondorvsmordor.com/gvm1/wiki/index.php/Category:Class)
Spell Changes (http://www.gondorvsmordor.com/gvm1/wiki/index.php/Category:Spells)
Feat Changes (http://www.gondorvsmordor.com/gvm1/wiki/index.php/Category:Feats)
Horse Changes (http://www.gondorvsmordor.com/gvm1/wiki/index.php/Horses)
Druid/Shifter Shapes (http://www.gondorvsmordor.com/gvm1/wiki/index.php/Shifter_and_Druid_Shapes)

The above topics are not finished, but ya know where to look.  :P
More details will come later.  :wink:

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 12 December 2008, 21:41
The majority of the changes are listed above.
  • The Shifters will get adjusted after the wipe since it's the current items that are making some of the shapes impossible to adjust. :ent:
  • Shadow Dancers are goin to have to seriously focus on Hide and Move Silent. You won't find items with both properties and only on certain base items.  :bs:
  • There's still one more visual surprise sometime in the beginning of the year :color:

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 23 December 2008, 13:21
Additional notes

most items have been modified ( power lvl lowered)
alot of barely and unused areas removed (if u were 1 of the few that did use..sorry)
boss items are no longer going to be undroppable (anything a boss uses can be dropped)
some areas moved, modified and some mobs as well.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 26 December 2008, 13:23
sorry forgot to mention that damage sheilds no longer stack....casting one dispels the one u currently have going

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 31 December 2008, 00:18
cleric spell modifications are as follows

Divine Power for Clerics is set +1AB/7 Cleric lvls (+5 cap), +1 extra attack/5 charisma modifier (+2 cap). All others only get +1 AB.
Magic Vestment is set for +1 AC/5 Caster lvls.
Shield of Faith is set at +1 deflection AC + 1/6 Caster lvls
Greater Magic Weapon is set +1/5 caster lvls
Word of Faith - all effects are fixed at 3 rounds, cept death.

Lets see how those go...sorry sum of them were supposed to be in effect for the wipe

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 06 January 2009, 19:55
Those of you that found out the hard way, the NPCs now have a new AI. Now you'll see thier full potential. Many unused feat/spells will be used to thier benefit.

Familair/Companions are also smarter, too smart. They're smart enough to not attack something many levels above them.
You can equip them. Level/class/proficiency requirements still apply. You'll have to experiment with each pet.
They will use potions, healkits, wands, items with magical spells. But not when you want them too.
Items given to pets will drop on the ground when they/you die. Beware the Cleanup Script monster. When you level-up, all items will be returned to you before your pet unsummons. Make sure you keep a page free in your inventory.
You are responsible for any items given to your pets.

Some of the NPCs as we're discovering will now need to be toned down.  :cussing:

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 07 January 2009, 01:54
yeah i am starting that work right now.....might be a tough couple days...will incrase the xp value for most of the cratures as well due to thier ai ugrade.....figure if u can kill em u deserve it :D

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 07 January 2009, 03:25
Part of me can't wait to see what other things NPCs can do with the new AI and the other part keeps dying as I findout.  We'll try to keep DP up ;)

Couple other changes I didn't see listed yet:

Random magic items - the random melee weapons script used in places such as Celebrant and on the Wildmen has been updated to provide items that you *might* actually use.  You won't see any 2handers with 2weapon fighting and ambidex.

Double weapons and quarterstaves - you get a +2 deflection AC bonus when using any of these weapons.  WMs gain an additional +1AC bonus at lvls 8, 12, 16, 21 for a total of +6.

Blackguard's Vorlan Demon summon has been moved from lvl15 to lvl13 so that you have a chance to use the thing before it often gets replaced at lvl16 (usually) with the Balor Lord.

Summons - especially with the new AI are doing all sorts of things so expect tweaking to occur.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 09 January 2009, 00:43
ok alot of mob/area updates today.   Isengard (all), drow (all), eastment (all), lorien and caras areas, linhr, celebrant, spirits/shelobs and edoras
removed ikd , kd and class summons/familiars and companions from "most" spawns

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 10 January 2009, 17:19
UMD requirements to use Alignment restricted items has been increased.  :cussing:
All Restricted items valued greater than level 21 will be unuseable via UMD.   :bs:

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 02 April 2009, 18:26
I just tested blinding speed and it grants the correct haste duration now (for anyone who didn't already know).  1 round/HD.

Divine Wrath I also tested in game and works.  3 + CHAmod + CoTlevel/2 rounds and the DR schedule is slightly improved (listed on update sign in the pocket).

If what I changed on the Outpost scripts works then the Gondor Commander should spawn properly after the Mordor Commander has been defeated.  We'll see... that update should be in soon-ish.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 05 April 2009, 01:22
Ered Lithui Foothills, The Battle Plain of Dagorlad, and Morannon: The Black Gate are back in the mod.  Thanks for the hlep Turril.  Some of the Serpent drops that weren't legal should be worked out.

The Cair Andros Outpost got an update.  It appears the Gondor Commander spawns like he should and the shouts are working but I forgot to set the encounters to 'player triggered only'...oops  After that, if everything else works we should be able to set it up so that the faction who controls it will gain a % bonus xp for any NPC kills.  Depending on how that goes, the goal is to increase that faction bonus for defeating key NPCs like Aragorn/WK, Faramir/Wraith Guard, Radaghast/Ungoliant, Pel King/Thrall,...  we'll see.

Turril added Word of Faith immunity to some of the epic summons who were missing it like the Epic Shadow so they don't get auto-killed by every Moria priest you see.

Afaik, Dol Guldur, Rivendell, and other areas up that way will continue to see some work.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 11 April 2009, 02:05
This is basically a reiteration of what is posted in the Pocket on the update flag but to keep this thread updated and informative here it is again:

Barad dur areas are accessible again thru the Morannon.  I don't know details past that other than they are there... or so I hear :P

Module XP bonuses have been included for killing certain faction NPCs.  The % bonuses add up and continue until reset.  Controlling the Cair Andros Outpost (i.e. killing the opposite commander) also grants an xp bonus.  So cumulatively a single faction could get a 30-35% xp bonus by taking out all the targets and controlling the outpost.  It worked when I tested it offline so we'll see how it does live. (i.e. it better work dang it or I'm going to have to ask Olle how to do it)

As always, post, PM, or talk to us about things that don't seem to work or should/shouldn't be happening.

Thanks to Turril for running the place and for the good amount of time he's been putting in reviewing my contributions and making them appropriate, working on quite a number of things QZ has brought up, etc.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 13 April 2009, 06:18
FYI on current horse function:

  • They give movement speed bonus
  • There is no combat penalty while fighting on them atm (at least melee, I forgot to check ranged)
  • If you take mounted combat and have points in ride skill it will grant you dodge AC bonuses every round.  With 30 ride skill I was getting +2-+4 on a quick test.
  • Mounted combat did not change my attack log ab while fighting
  • There are no HP bonuses for being on a horse at all

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 14 April 2009, 10:29
Ranged combat is -4 ab

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 31 July 2009, 19:58
Turril put in the latest update today.  A few significant things have occured, please read the update sign in the pocket.

I want to add a word of appreciation for the many PMs I get about small things that are weird or not working and messages/posts of concern about how we're doing.  Thank you Turril for hosting us and I hope we are making progress toward more fun.

Items are getting better.  Drop rates ARE better now.  There is still much that can be done and will be done. 

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 12 October 2009, 17:37
new updates......read in pocket to find out what

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 16 October 2009, 20:12
Starting this weekend i am going to be working on the New MT/MM cities. They will be harder to enter (hopefully) the mobs will be changed and the drops will be changed as well... A few people have commented to me about Mordor toons not being able to use MT drops and visa versa....i will look into adjusting this where i think it could/should be, although most "uber" drops will be restricted either by class or alignment

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 20 November 2009, 18:05
Rangers and Rogues will receive a new Player Tool on their radial dial, that will lower the hide/move silent of their target for 1 turn. The penalty is depends on the number of several class levels. Read the Class Info sign in the Poacket for full details.

Dwarven Defenders will receive a widget that once/day will grant discipline, regeneration, and AC bonuses based on DD lvls. Read the Class info sign in the Pocket for full details.

Some of the Shifter's feats have more usage per day. Illithid's Psi Barrier and Mind Blast improved.

True Seeing - TS and See invisible the same. Listen/Spot bonus reduced to +2 per caster level.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 02 January 2010, 22:05
Assassin poisons can be purchased at the rogue merchant in Minas Morgul.  There are 3 types there and 4 others in other places where shady transactions occur.

When you hit something there's a 33% chance it will need to make a save or be poisoned. 
If they fail the save, the poison effects will begin after a round or two. 
The effects are applied again every 1 - 2 rounds depending on the poison type.  Examine the vials for details.
A target cannot be poisoned with more than one of these poison types at a time.
Poison immunity increases their saves, but doesn't necessarily prevent these.
Using the poison with other OnHit properties may not work.
If you're using one poison and want to switch, just use that poison on your weapon.

Ghostly visage grants +1AB every 4 assassin levels starting at level12 (+5 at 28) and concealment is 60% at level12 assassin and increases by 5% every 4 levels to 85% at level28 assassin.  It adds ultravision as well.

You get more uses of invis and darkness per day with assassins.  Their invisibility grants 6.0 seconds of a GS/etherealness effect on top of the invisibility.  Impr invis functions as normal.

Look in the Newbie Merchant for the latest volume of Essays on Magic.  Area of Effect (AoE) spells seem to be working, tho I think there might be a problem with some of them firing properly if you target a monster instead of targetting the ground.

Level 10 rogues will get a bag in their inventory that provides a few throwable things and more when you run out of them.  These might be useful, but I thought they could add to the feel of being a resourceful rogue-type and be fun.  There are flashbangs, bolos, and smokescreens. 

I've worked out a lot of bugs on this stuff already.  I am sure there are others.  Help me out if you think something isn't working.

Don't be distracted by this and miss Turril's event announcement for today!

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 06 January 2010, 20:20
correction from above post, you get +1AB starting at level8 assassin and get +6AB at level28.

You can now check the faction XP bonus by using the PvP scoreboard option on your seal.  It will also tell you who controls Osgiliath and the Outpost.  Pass it along.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 03 April 2010, 02:26
On the next update when Turril gets around to it, here are the new changes:

 - New Heal Kits implemented Heal Kit (http://www.gondorvsmordor.com/gvm1/wiki/index.php/Heal_Kit)
 - Old ones will be removed, sell in the Party Sell Chest.
 - Harm Self Potions for you Undead shifters found somewhere.
 - Undead pets get a random bonus with Negative Energy Burst for you PMs. Invest in wands.

 - Keen Sense for Lvl 16 Rogues with Alertness feat
 - Keen Sense for Lvl 24 Rangers
 - Keen Sense for Lvl 14 Assassins

 - Eru's Pool will remove those unwanted PC Property skins
 - HIPS Timer was removed. Areas now receive a spot/listen bonus based on terrain and lighting.

These changes will most likely require some boss stats to be lowered. You'll have to die a few hundred times before we get it right.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 22 May 2010, 20:20
There was an update a couple days ago.  It fixed a number of outstanding issues:

-summons/familiars removed from Rivendell/Dale/Mirkwood Mtn NPCs.
-Total overall number of NPCs decreased slightly in Rivendell
-Stinger Lord now has a legal version of +7 ammy
-Lorien Tavern NPCs are now hostile to everyone
-Implosion should not bug out anymore
-Circle of Death should now use the correct DC
-Dale respawn rates for encounters and archers are longer
-NPCs do not do murderous amounts of damage with seeker arrow anymore
-Black Serpent Avatar respawns now.  Haradrim Elders and bosses are stronger.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 10 June 2010, 18:35
I've been informed that tenser's transformation is not working.  Sorry I broke it.  I just sent the fix off.

There was an update a couple days ago, we're still getting a few of the items for it in place.

Carry on.

**this is fixed - 6-11-10**

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 28 June 2010, 05:19
Minor spell bug fixes in with update from a couple days ago:

-battletide and circ against alignment should disappear when resting
-WM AC bonus should take into account bonuses from your weapon now
-rangers are now be included in greater magic fang calculations

-few other things that aren't very important

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 24 July 2010, 15:08
New areas (Temple of Doom) added....   Hint: need search to find...in Mordor faction areas  and need to be high lvl to live ( and probably not alone )   :o

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 25 July 2010, 00:32
The starting spot of the new areas (Temple of Doom) stuff ill be moved to a more nuetral area, like maybe the Weathertop.  >:D

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 07 August 2010, 06:51
I did some work with the Nine Dwarves Brewery/Big Boss quest.  Hopefully it works more like other assassination quests in the mod do.

Added a quest from MM.  Look for the Haradrim Ambassador.  I suspect I didn't do this right, so let me know if it works or doesn't work for you.

You can now access ALL the spell changes in the mod from the seal.  I'll probably add the class updates to it as well.  The magic book that listed previous spell updates will be removed as it is now obsolete.

Go visit the Rangers of Ithilien and see why the Haradrim complain about them endlessly.  Take some search items.

Thranduil has some old friends over checking out his tree house.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 07 August 2010, 13:20
NEW items, areas and creatures in Temple of Doom areas

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Red Raisin on 11 August 2010, 14:56
Temple of Doom Updated:
- some new items
- removed Turn Living ability on general mobs in final map
- added some 'refuge'
- fixed a few unintentional map features noted on the test runs
- area still requires team work to win ... and maybe a few less heals ... maybe

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Red Raisin on 29 August 2010, 16:27
Rhovanion (levels 29-35)

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Red Raisin on 02 September 2010, 02:40
Spells updated.
New directions for new players given by the receptionist.
Rhovanion spawns fixed.
Temple of Doom tweaked.
New gear.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 26 September 2010, 05:39
These changes went in yesterday I think, but I haven't been able to update in-game signs.

1.  You should be releveled automatically if you level while shifting.  I think this will solve issues with characters becoming invalidated due to wrong number of skill points.
2.  Discplacement duration is now 1 turn per level
3.  Storm of Vengeance DC is fixed.  It wasn't showing me the enemy rolls in the combat log, but when I got hit by it, the DC was steady regardless of what spell I cast. 
4.  Vinemine camouflage - if it bugs on you, casting it again will work.  It will still bug sometimes, I can't seem to figure out exactly why.
5.  Blackstaff math error is fixed so that your focus feats will count.  I'm still looking into how to set this up to transfer over to shifted weapons.  As of right now, it only applies vulnerabilities from the original weapon it was cast on.
6.  Equiping a helmet will no longer clear your player skin properties for things such as WM AC bonus, PM vulnerabilities, keen sense, player tool3, etc...
7.  I did something else to the player skin you probably won't notice, but if it works, it shouldn't unequip into your inventory
8.  Terrifying/thundering rage used to grant a bonus attack.  Now you have to have 20 barbarian levels to get the attack.  I realize this affects many of our overpowered characters.  (+2 attacks from greater rage, +1 from mighty rage, +1 from thunder/terrifying if you're over level20).  Your hasted barbarian with 8 attacks with only 15 barb levels will actually have to settle for the uber benefits of thundering or terrifying rage unless they give the class a bit more dedication.
These are some of the things I've still got going:
*1 level of sneak attack for pure assassins with improved sneak attack feats
*city merchants: alchemist fire 10 stacks, assassin poisons, rogue belts,
*tenser barbarian builds not getting tenser bonus attack
*Inspire courage damage increase with level
*Serpent bosses respawn
*Bard widget (bonus to perform for levels past 20)
*Oliphaunt spear: change to non-CEP weapon
*Arrow quivers
*Invis purge to not make friendlies go hostile
*Lightning bolt
*Paladin: lay on hands

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 12 October 2010, 19:31
The Fighter Essence does work with unarmed shifted shapes.  It worked well as a dragon, iron golem, helmed horror, risen, spectre, the slaad fist with OnHit breach didn't work, but the other fist did.  The vampire level drain bite did not work, but the claws do.  It worked for the azer, kobold, lizardman, diretiger, gargoyle, manticor, and minotaur.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: ollebroc on 04 November 2010, 23:51
Phase 2 of a new Spawner System has will be added to almost half of the areas on the next update. Our goal was to relieve some of the stress on the server with thousands of Delay Commands,Variables, and other Timers.
It does make many areas harder, which wasn't our goal (maybe subconsciencely). Adjustments will need to be made before we add this spawner to the rest of the mod.

Which areas? You'll know when your  :cussing: .

Let us know of any weirdities.

Die Well!!!!!   :happy1:

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Nobutadas on 06 February 2011, 21:00
The city of Ethring was added today.  Feel free to explore it as a Mordor or Gondor.  I believe you will enjoy the zone. 

A new quest for Gonds has been added.  Enjoy!

The arrow crash should be fixed.  Thank Terror for figuring out how to fix it.  I just did the testing.  If you still crash because of arrow deaths, PM me or Terror.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 14 March 2011, 02:43
Lonely Mountain quest is in today.  Hope I have all the parts working.  Let me know.

  Fear cuts to the hearts of the people of Dale and the dwarves of the Halls of Erebor in Lonely Mountain - as reports of a large army dispatched from the Morannon to assault Dale hit them like an icy north wind.  Too much has befallen the peoples here.  Centuries before, Dain I was slain by a cold-drake on the slopes of the Grey Mountains to the north.  Dragons multiplied and harrassed the dwarves there.  Smaug came to Erebor and burned everything around, drove the dwarves from their home, and settled in.  Later, Bilbo and Thorin and others came to reclaim Erebor from Smaug, but despite Smaug's death, Laketown and Dale were again burned, but that wasn't all.      
  Bilbo and company had kindled the flame of revenge that the Misty Mountain orcs had nursed for years since their last confrontation with dwarves.  Shortly following the victory over Smaug, orcs, wargs and bats poured out of the mountains to even the score with the men and dwarves.  The Battle of Five Armies lead incurred heavy casualties on both sides including: Thorin and his nephews Fili and Kili died attacking the leader, Bolg, father of Azog.  In the end, the orcs suffered another destructive loss.
  Was this to be the final chapter of the men in Dale and the dwarves who had travelled from Moria so long ago to forge new homes in the Grey Mountains, Iron Hills and Lonely Mountain?  Would Thranduil's elves and the eagiles join with them to gain victory as they had before?  As it turns out, hope comes at unexpected times.
  The Arkenstone was a large gem that Smaug had among his horde.  Bilbo handled it at one point, and it was laid on the chest of Thorin Oakenshield at his burial.  A sorceror from Dale thought that within the stone was a great magical force that could be somehow used as a ward against the approaching Easterlings of Sauron's army.  He told this to King Dain II Ironfoot who allowed him to experiment with the stone.  What they found was not a great defensive force, but something quite surprising.  When focusing its energy on the hammer wielded by the late Thorin Oakenshield, he appeared holding it.  They had brought back Thorin Oakenshield who had died many years earlier!  The stone had the ability to call those to whom artifacts belonged.
  In the wake of this revelation, many artifacts of past dwarven heroes were retrieved, and the power of the Arkenstone was used to bring back those warriors as well.  The ranks of the dwarven army swelled and suddenly, the tides of war shifted in their favor.  Sauron's forces would not overrun Dale, but be obliterated.  Hopes in the Halls of Erebor were beaming and the good news swept down the mountain to Dale with the wind.  It didn't last however, miners in Lonely Mountain made a horrific discovery.  The ghost of Smaug was somehow lurking in a dark, smelly cave.  And he was as powerful as ever, but confined too the cave.  Few miners escaped alive, and when they did, King Dain ordered a wall built in front of the passage leading to the cave.
  Uneasy, but feeling still in control, the dwarves set out to collapse the cave on Smaug.  Before that order was carried out, it was discovered that not only Smaug's ghost, but other monsters and enemies from the past had returned as well.  It was true that many of the items belonging to the dwarves who were called back belonged to them, but many were spoils and also had other owners or parts were not theirs at all:  within Thorin's hammer was a gem of Smaugs, within King Dain I's armor was a tooth from the cold-drake that slew him and Fror, among Fili and Kili's belongings was something that belonged to the orc leader Bolg and so on.  Not only were these dwarven heroes returned, so were their enemies in mortality.
  To add to the awful state of affairs, the power of the Arkenstone became tainted and those brought back became corrupted.  King Dain I, Fili, Kili, Thorin Oakenshield, Fror, etc all deteriorated into undead monsters.  Bolg, orcs and bats along with zombified dwarves wandered the Halls and the dwarves were forced to flee to Dale for refuge.
  Bard and his son and grandson, Bain and Brand, consult with Dain II Ironfoot about what they will do.  To flee Dale means the loss of many young, old, and weak.  To stand and fight is certain destruction, and there is not other option.  They are resigned to stay and defend Dale, but fear their doom is upon them.  In what form will hope be found?

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 12 May 2011, 07:06
I think most of you are aware, I've made a few updates this past week and I thought I'd elaborate a bit more on them.

Ranger and rogue dual-wielding saw 2 things: 
    **epic skill focus parry was only granting bonus AC for dual-wielding, but not for double weapons, or vice versa.  It does now. 
    **Now, to get the +2 bonus for dual-wielding separate weapons, they must be equipped by use of a quickslot.  If you equip them one at a time, you'll only see +1ab.  Best I can do.

Entangle spell:  I've gone over this spell script a number of times to figure out whey it doesn't consistently fire every round like the other AoE spells, and I finally got it.  The game doesn't have an OnEnter script for it, even tho it specifies one in the .2da  Once I made the script to fill in the gap (even thought the script doesn't do anything), the spell started working correctly.  It can be quite effective if you can get the DC up, which rangers can do by having points in set trap.

Improvements to camouflage and blade thirst.

I was notified that Terramancers and Arwen were only giving one roll for a drop when defeated.  This happens with NPCs that shift (e.g. Beorn).  Their gear is morphed and then when they die, it isn't rolled for.  I solved this somewhat by having them equip a set of undroppable gear, and having a second set of identical gear in their inventory to drop.  Hope that helps.

Cirith Ungol has 4 new boss types with at least 1 unique item, and all the NPCs have been revamped.  The difficulty is similar to that of Edoras.

Casting level:
I am very excited about this change.  You'll see "CastLevel" show up in your attack log when you cast a spell or use an item.  Now PM/RDD and shifter levels can be incorporated easily into the level of spells for purposes of damage, duration, and SR checks.  Recall before that anything with 20SR could stop most of your spells if you were a leve30PM, or your Rakshassa ice storms were easily resisted.  Now, it's not the case.  You'll also see what you rolled vs. their SR.

I am posting in the general forum for some help with this.

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Turril on 05 December 2012, 16:11
i did upload terrors fix for the shifter lvl bug thingy, whatever it was..hopefully it is working properly :D

Title: Re: Mod Updates
Post by: Terrorble on 06 December 2012, 18:38
Thanks for putting that in.

I was informed of a 2monk/9druid/28shifter that was getting a caster level of 2 for all of its shifter spells.  The game is using the monk levels as the casting level, of course.

For normal shifter abilities, it should use your shifter level as the casting level.  This update just adds the shifter level to the monk levels it was already using, which is close to what it should be.

If you think you should be getting 9druid leves + 28shifter levels = 37 for your ice storms, I think you have to memorize ice storm as a druid, drag it from your book to a quickslot, then use that when shifted as Rakshassa.  Otherwise, if you cast ice storm from the radial menu, the game thinks you are only using it as a shifter ability, and will only use shifter levels.

I hope it's working too.  :)