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Title: elf bard11/bg4/aa25 Chaotic Evil
Post by: parknutz on 22 October 2009, 16:49
Elf Chaotic Evil  13STR 16 DEX 13INT 16CHA

Put 2 points into CHA and 8 Into DEX
Pre epic 8 bard 4 bg 8 AA(Take BG lvls on 9 11,12 and 18th)
Epic 3 bard 17 AA Throw in bard whenever you seem its best.

Forgot to mention that this build does not suffer an xp penalty.

1)Pwr Attack
6) Point Blank Shot
9) Weapon Focus
12) Divine Might
15) Improved Crit
18) Divine Shield
21) Blind Fight
22) Bard
24) Great Dex 1
27) Great Dex 2*Epic Weapon Focus
30) Great Dex 3
31) *Blinding Speed
32) Bard *tumble,disc
33) Great Dex 4
36) Great Dex 5 * Epic Prowess
37) Bard *tumble, disc
39) Great Dex 6

28BAB+16(DEX)+2(song)+2(EWF)+2(WarCry)+13(Enchant Arrow)+2(Bless and Aid pots)+5(Bow)+1(Epic Prowess)+1(Bulls STR) =72AB  -5AB when dispelled.

Get yourself a dragon ring and pluck away. Great asset to a group.

Title: Re: elf bard11/bg4/aa25 Chaotic Evil
Post by: psalmanzar on 03 November 2009, 08:07
I've been looking to make a new archer with good dmg, had the same classes and split in mind but very useful to see it actually written down.  I think your AB might actually be 1 higher because i don't think you are counting regular weapon focus.

P.S.  Is this much AB actually needed?  Or would you consider trading some dex for chr to improve divine might?  Any hint on where people get a dragon ring?

Title: Re: elf bard11/bg4/aa25 Chaotic Evil
Post by: Endlessorrow on 03 November 2009, 16:58
Good archer idea for mords. I like the idea of all the aa lvls with the improved aa feats in mod.  For gonds though pali dosen't work as well. they get blind fight  instead of cleave pre epic but Sorc replaces bard for the pali archer for -4 ac and no umd. finaly a solid edge to a bg vs pali build :laugh:

 I would consider replacing  6 dex for cha for the 12 rd duration on sheild and might and +3 saves and unstopable damage as you suggested psalmzer. The trade off is that all your attacks are -3 not just the top one so over all damage dealt would be near eaqual either route. but every one should vary their builds somewhat hey?

Title: Re: elf bard11/bg4/aa25 Chaotic Evil
Post by: parknutz on 03 November 2009, 19:22
That much AB is required for the likes of Elrond. Although I haven't faced him in awhile so I'm not sure what his AC now.

66ab had trouble hitting Elrond with curse song and taunt so you figure out what AB is good.

AB im not definite on, currently this toon is level 24 with a top ab of 46