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1  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: portraits on: 19 May 2009, 07:09
The portrait pack is on my old hard drive but sadly I cannot get into it now.

It took me quite a while to pick through all of the nwn files and extract all of the viewable pictures.

2  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: A heal kit world on: 19 November 2008, 06:59
Heal kits are lame, they should take long and be a trickling affect.
3  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Rogue builds / Re: 21 ranger 13 rogue 6 monk on: 16 November 2008, 16:33
One thing I can tell you, on a server with no HIPS, you can absolutely rock with a dual wield ranger build wielding Kukris.

On here, not so much.
4  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Bug? on: 11 November 2008, 02:33
Who cares if anyone can GS into the cities how does that hurt you?  There are like 3 to 6 people on the server at anypoint in time.  This arguement is pointless.
5  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Bug? on: 10 November 2008, 23:04
Grooth- Whisper- Moron... You are a child. You are offensive. Your attempts to belittle me show you dont care about anything other than your own self gratification. If you haven't got a braincell to form an idea or a real arguement - Go away.  You have no substance so you try to use flare to distract from that fact.

If you want to post your favorite sccreenshots, there's a thread for that. If you want to act like a child with posts to me, use PMs. If you have nothing to offer this forum. Stop posting.
I offered my opinion on GSing, I do not see an issue with my post.

In my opinion a high level caster such as Gandalf would be able to GS in either city if that were a spell in his arsenal, perhaps an alteration to the time or a % chance of failure would be a good option to reflect the inherent magic nature of some areas.

Don't forget Kermit, we are friends.
6  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: Items: Gear Sets on: 06 November 2008, 03:05
Even if it perpetuates the farming idea, I still like the idea.
7  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Bug? on: 06 November 2008, 03:04
In theory, MT should be GS-able, just given the fact that the city is human.

However, MM should not be GS-able, because of the supernatural nature of many of the things inherent in the forces of evil.

Of course, then the bulk of you clowns will complain that the cities are further unbalanced, but if we want to be true to LOTR, that's the way it is.

Personally, I see nothing wrong with being able to GS into the cities.  If people are dumb enough to leave the gates open, then whatever, that's your own faults.
Actually a high level mage should be able to GS in a supernatural area.

I disagree with your theory completely.
8  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Barbarian/Tenser's info request on: 05 November 2008, 20:57
Good thread.
9  Misc / Off-topic / Re: Says It All on: 05 November 2008, 20:37
10  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: Items: Gear Sets on: 05 November 2008, 02:57
This should happen, like final fantasy and stuff.
11  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Locking threads... and a few other things. on: 02 November 2008, 15:57
When it comes to DM hand outs Im like 7up- never had it. Never will. And I dont mind it. Except if its an item that takes 6 months to farm out.

But I digress. This was mainly to offer my assistance.

As far as kermit/sheet thing... I had to kill kermit because of the mistakes I made. Was a have to. And I could have kept it up but chose not to. Too honest to keep up a lie.

Why keep it up when everyone knew it was you?
12  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: Future Talk: Random discussion area on: 30 October 2008, 01:39
Are you a Dm now or just a forum moderator?

Rade Edit: Godamn Whisper! Right next to the "Quote" button is "Reply" if it's the first post in a thread, just hit that  Grin
13  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Locking threads... and a few other things. on: 27 October 2008, 23:46
*cough*  I swear I am not kermit I am some new guy called screamin sheets....I swear it a hundred times with threats and pleas and extremly long winded posts.....

Thats funny, he actually told me that he was turning me in for harassment when I was calling him Kermit.
14  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Locking threads... and a few other things. on: 27 October 2008, 22:04
I do admit I can be a lose cannon when my temper gets the best of me. But my honesty and integrity have never been in question. When I say I want to do the grunt work that means I get a list from turril who says- "Do this" and that's what will get done. Nothing more. And my honesty and integrity should assure you that is the way it would be.

I'm not disagreeing with the fact that I would prolly say, "what about..." in several things. But I would do no more than I would be ask to do. And you know me well enough that is exactly how it would be.

I took no personal offense at the comments. I rarely do. As I have said many times, it's like a basketball game. Everyone takes smack on the floor and that night they all gather 'round the bbq for dinner and it's passed. If I took it all personally, and with my temper, do you think I would still be here after nearly 2 years?

BTW... gimme the name list of ALL your mords. Evil

Plus I think they are going to roll out a 100% revamped module with all of these changes done sometime coming up.
15  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Locking threads... and a few other things. on: 27 October 2008, 20:06
You just have opinions on everyone that you can't wait to get out, don't you Whisper?

The recent forum postings (On the "death" or "dying" of the server to be specific) have completely disgusted me. I never expected to see such a low level of maturity from people on these forums. The finger pointing and berating of people is ridiculous. This is a game people, none of it matters, grow up.

I like this server a lot, always have. Do I disagree with certain nerfs and changes, sure. In fact, if I could have it my way the server would just be plain ol' Bioware/D&D, no nerfing at all, because I don't care about balance. I've lost a few characters to wipes and other unfortunate incidents, and I don't care about that either. I play here because it's fun and the community is, or was, nice.

That being said, after what I've seen from some recent posts by people, I've left GvM. I've easily found other servers to play on where balancing isn't such a hot issue and people are mature and respectable of one another. I don't really plan on playing here anymore, but perhaps I'll still read the forums. Maybe I'll play here again if things ever settle down.

One very easy way to 100% avoid all of the inner drama of a server is to simply avoid the forums.

My statements towards Kermit are in no way derogatory, he would be the first to admit that he has anger type issues that emerge, not as much now, but with that taken into context I would think a team would not be like "Ok, here is the module".
16  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Locking threads... and a few other things. on: 27 October 2008, 19:10
Even though you are typically well spoken in threads, and probably overall mean the best.

Do you really think the team is willing to give you a copy of the module?

You are kinda a freakazoid, a loose cannon, they wont do it man.

They wont do it for most people who are DMs.
17  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: A Server Wipe on: 20 October 2008, 07:09
My accusation is not so important, I used to be a DM here, I can validate dozens of items that were given away, most of which were in the upper tier of power, and astonishingly some further not even in the mod.

This does not necessarily mean I am saying any current DM is doing this, and I am not saying they aren't, what I am saying is that this behavior is a large part of why modules become imbalanced and item heavy.

I am simply asking for a 100% commitment from the current DM team not to imbalance the module after a wipe, because frankly if I get all of my toons and hard work taken away from me and 2 or so weeks later see someone that I have a good relationship with having a ton of gear that they would not have the ability to get in that period, then I will quit for good.

I can guarantee you all that there are many little birds that fly around whispering all of the doings of the module to us old timers, and with a little prying you can generally get people who are comped gear to admit it, most will tell you right away, probably based off the fact most players here are honorable and get guilty feelings knowing that they are treated differently than the norm, be that favored or shunned treatment, most people don't want either.

Now for examples I could detail the dozens of items that I and all of my closest friends at GVM have been gifted if anyone wants to actually know the basis of my statements, or I could divulge the situations I saw as DM that former DMs had done that led me to my beliefs.

Once again though, I am not necessarily saying anyone here is doing it, I would just like a public statement that this behavior is now banished, and that all gifts from DMs would be from events, and approved by the whole DM team prior to the gifting.

It really is a shame that Grooth's comment will unfortunately never bring anything to fruition...I'd love to see the results of such a potential investigation, even if it would probably bring to the forefront some shocking details.   Evil

Ohh, you know it might, I dare Turrilllllll    to sneak in a spy script, it would be fun to see if we would get any "Secret alterations" to the admin team.

Heck, it would be neat if there were a Dm initiative wand that would make a server shout whenever anyone "Including DMs" gave away an item, shouting out the Dm name and recipients name, maybe having  sub menu where the DM can choose why, and making it to where DMs can only give items, not drop them to avoid the script.

Maybe something like this.

Why oh why grand Dm doesth thou give away yet another engame boss item?

1. Contest prize.
2. Quest prize.
3. Event item.
4. Said player is cool.
5. Said player is a hot chick I want to date.
6. Said player is part of my social circle.
7. Said player defend me for doing this stuff.
8. Said player is lame and needs help.
9. Said player boosts my ego.
10. Said player is my wifes alt account.

18  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: A Server Wipe on: 20 October 2008, 02:59

I would 100% support a wipe if every single DM-DEV-Deputy signs a statement that they will not "EVER" Comp a single favored player items or do "Favor quests" To grant favored players all the uber gear fast.

I can guarantee that within a month if everything is as it has been within the last 2 years in that regard there will be a small contingency of players that are favored by someone that can pull strings, and that those players will have about 2-5x more and better gear than the rest of us.

Without said statement I would have zero desire to play here again.

In contrast if you were to wipe, and get rid of the few corrupt bad apples that are rubbish DM's, I would come back and dedicate myself pretty hardcore, and I am sure that dozens of gone people would also do the same.

But I know there is a social standard, and god forbid we get rid of "One of our own" even when we know they are doing wrong.

My suggestion is after the wipe add a script to track all of the DM gifts, I can promise you that the items that are being created by a small # of people here and handed out would blow peoples minds.

The corruption is deep and it would really amaze me if a wipe did nothing but deepen the favoritism, since the non-favored majority that earned their stuff would be left with nothing while the small numbered of favored people would be getting insane numbers of comps for the first few weeks.

P.S. Are we putting this to a vote?

Is anything like this ever put to a vote?   
19  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: A Somewhat Fond Farewell on: 18 September 2008, 05:14
Its time to move on, GvM.  Life's kinda coming at me fast these days - school's shifted into high gear, track pre-season is rolling in, and I just don't have time to waste playing this game anymore.

I've removed it from my hard-drive, and since my installation disk is at home, I should be gone until Thanksgiving if not the Christmas holiday break at the very least.

You will note I am not giving away all my items like several individuals in the past because well...I just don't like most of you well enough.  I'm sure many of you will be more than happy to know that I am also stepping down from being a deputy, whether I return to GvM or not.

I'm still mixed on my feelings of the direction this server is going, and all I can say is good luck.


-The Loveable Kuban
I have done the same thing actually.
20  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: If the world was upside down.... on: 13 September 2008, 17:28
My response was not a flame whatsoever.

The topic said and I quote "If I had done more server research before getting on with GvM I probably wouldn't have stayed!"

My point Kermit was that if you had not gotten on gvm1 before you found a different server you would not have tried to push its ideal because early on you weren't totally keen on the server style.

No attack there really, just an observation.
21  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Instantaneous haste on: 08 September 2008, 16:25
I say keep it as is, it creates "Party play".

22  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: If the world was upside down.... on: 07 September 2008, 03:25
I would spend time on several servers trying to find one that would fit and mostly in PvP ones trying to get them to adopt the GvM rules of PvP
I doubt it since you griped about the rules for the first couple of years you were here..

We literally had to beat them into you all the while having to hear 20-30 protest shouts per day from you about things that didn't break the rules.

23  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: PVM in cities on: 07 September 2008, 03:23
Is it not just kinda funny that the rules are still so broad, vague and muddled that after so many years we are still having these discussions?
24  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Bank problems... on: 01 September 2008, 23:03
There are much better storage scripts out there that are being used on other servers.

To say this is all based off "Player error" is weak at best in light of the fact that its fixable on the dev side.
25  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: OMG Get real on: 31 August 2008, 05:35
Aragorn didn't have levels you nerds. Roll Eyes
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