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1  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Admin Announcements / We are alive and kicking on: 27 May 2019, 22:03
Sorry about the downtime guys, seems our hosting provider misplaced the site during a move and then managed to break the site while getting it back.

But after a couple of hours of yelling and very passionate button bashing we kicked the site into gear again. Enjoy your stay yet again.
2  Misc / Sandbox / Re: ding dong the witch is.... actually back alive on: 27 May 2019, 21:46
it is still alive
3  Misc / Sandbox / ding dong the witch is.... actually back alive on: 27 May 2019, 21:43
4  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / GvM website and forum business on: 14 November 2013, 11:53
In a hole under the ground lived a ManiacK.... ow wait, this is not a place to quote the hobbit.

Hi all, some may remember me from back in the days that me and my friends terrorized the forces of gondor, anyway we could. Some might not recognize me, well that is possible since last we played is like 7 years ago. We were also the people behind the ambitious idea to start developing the nwn2 Gondor vs Mordor server, but due to annoyance over obsidians support for the toolset and stuff, people stopped building many years ago.

So questions about the site: The website is run on a virtual host and owned by the guy some of you know as hfodf or ohforf of dastrion. I still have close contact with him as in a speak with him multiple times a week and see him every month. He also told me that one of you guys accidently mailed back to a pm telling about how awesome he thought that the server was back online (apparently that gets forwarded to him). Until now we have supported this community by paying the yearly fee for the host and domain name (distributed among us 2), if people would like to help out with that you are more then welcome, like said, it does not cost much, 30 euro's a year.

I will talk to hfodf about maybe setting up a paypal account or something, if somebody in here has another idea feel free to post here with suggestions.

A backup of this site can also be arranged, however I will only sent that to a GvM1 admin for obvious reasons Smiley

Besides that it seems that I have neglected to update some stuff here and there on this website, forums have been updated and it seems that most security things I implemented many years ago held up pretty good, I just removed over 1000 accounts of spam bots, total count is now up to somewhere in the 45000 Smiley (if I accidently removed a real person, I'm sorry about that), but the wiki hasn't and spambots seem to have infested the whole thing. My apologies for that, I will try to get that fixed/updated soon.

If there are any requests, questions/things or whatever you want to ask, feel free to post it in here, or if you feel uncomfortable typing in public find the pm button and send me a private message.
5  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Admin Announcements / Webserver maintenance on: 06 September 2011, 15:23
Hi guys,

The hosting provider is gonna move the website to another server on Wednesday Sept 7. Due to this move the website might be offline  at random intervals.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
6  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: GvM Map on: 14 September 2010, 09:31
or use: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?familyid=1cd6acf9-ce06-4e1c-8dcf-f33f669dbc3a&displaylang=en

excel viewer
7  Misc / Off-topic / Re: Dragon Age on: 13 October 2009, 23:44
Hi all,

Just a quick reminder, in less then a month dragon age will be hitting the market and you can now download a character creator program to start creating your chars already.

You can find everything here: www.dragonage.com
8  Misc / Off-topic / Re: The Hobbit on: 10 September 2009, 12:49
lol, I don't think they started filming on the hobbit yet, they just finished the script. Wait till 2011 and then we will see the real trailers Smiley
9  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Admin Announcements / Maintenance work on website this Sunday on: 24 July 2009, 10:48
Hello people of GondorvsMordor,

Sunday, July 26, there will be planned maintenance on the webservers to increase the capacity of the servers.
During 3:00 and 14:00 GMT the website might be offline from time to time, just check back after that and everything should be fine again.


10  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Hey Everyone on: 28 May 2009, 10:23
Hi adrox, long time not seen. Everything is fine at the moment here, hope its the same with you.
11  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: portraits on: 08 May 2009, 09:20
The original portrait packs were hosted by Matt, about a 6 months ago he changed his webpage and removed the packages. I could not find those anymore, so if someone can give me a link to a good portrait pack I will update the download section...
12  Misc / Off-topic / Re: X-Men on: 28 April 2009, 15:47
4?? the first one starts 45 minutes after this post Smiley
13  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Let the dust settle.. on: 23 April 2009, 11:07
I don't think there is an event that is only called on a critical hit, so it would run every time somebody hits, and checks if it is a crit. I think it could be done, but if some dual rapier fighter with wm levels and the ability to cast keen enters the scene, you can hit about 2 - 3 crits every round, should be a pretty fast script to handle that amount of calls.

I like the idea though, practical implementation of it might be hard, well at leaqst to implement it correctly :s
14  Misc / Off-topic / Re: Diablo III on: 11 April 2009, 18:45
*checks date* Cheesy

15  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: IM BACK! on: 11 April 2009, 18:45
Is that the guy with the name that looks like a japanese motorcycle?
16  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Kermie and Tadpole on: 02 April 2009, 10:40

I hope he will not cause you to many sleepless nights Cheesy
17  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: server is acting weird on: 24 March 2009, 10:50
Still if you boot people the harm is probably already done, and they don't see the message appearing leaving them with absolutely no idea why they were kicked.
18  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Why dont YOU play? on: 24 March 2009, 10:47
- I'm still somewhat alive at the forums
- time and interests have shifted somewhat
- Nope
- I think the changes brought positive as well as negative changes to the module, but you can't please everyone.
- It is a new challenge to try and create the best build possible, the old GvM was pretty much established which builds performed pretty well.
- More time on my side probably.
19  Misc / Off-topic / Re: RSS Feed on: 06 March 2009, 09:59
The problem with the rss feed is that it may cost to many resources if a lot of long posts are included.
Note that in this case the information of the post is stored in the feed so it isn't asked for the moment you click on a certain post, that is why it can cause problems. I have increased the number of lines shown by 4 times of what it used to be now, to see how the server will hold up to that. I might decide to remove the maximum if it works out fine.
20  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Server language on: 02 March 2009, 09:09
I rather see a cussing emoticon then some newly invented word that represents someones disappointment in a certain player Cheesy
21  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: I fell like such an idiot :P on: 26 February 2009, 10:57
Just looked, besides that they are hard to get here in Europe they are as expensive as the moment they were released.  Probably because of the fact that the game isn't being sold anymore in most shops, maybe a digital download like apple store might have it somewhat cheaper though, or you might find some cheaper in America, I think they have more mac users over there.
22  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN - A quick note on: 25 February 2009, 13:10
turn the pc on and pull the on/off button out, that will keep it online Cheesy
23  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Alert: PM Ronin at rainhosting on: 24 February 2009, 10:51
roger that...
topic locked.
24  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Turril heads up I sent you a PM on: 23 February 2009, 11:06
I sent me a Pm telling me to ignore the pm's of the people telling me about the pms from the pms of the people telling me about tils99 pm Cheesy

 huh huh  err, time for more beer I guess...
25  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Spawns spawns and more spawns on: 23 February 2009, 11:00
LOL, I thought df left a nice walkthrough about the voting system, but maybe it was lost when the Acidrain forum disappeared... I will see if he still has it, so that you or olle can do more polls Cheesy
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