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1  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Merry Christmas on: 01 January 2021, 13:57
Merry xmas from me also  Grin
2  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: All round bug report on: 01 January 2021, 13:55
Damn yet again being a lazy builder (Raks and dexers) i didnt realise that..

Pity theres not a huge black market for them  Grin

3  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Dragon Builds / Re: Human - Druid 8 / Monk 4 / Shifter 28 on: 30 December 2020, 16:15
Impressive stats Smiley

A question though, the only shifter i play is a Rak taking 10 shifter and 28 Druid for lvl 28 buffs (casting icestorm at lvl 38 in Rak) is there a point to taking all those shifter lvls other than meeting the Wis requirements (which might be met by going brownie with 21 starting Wis)?

Does it affect the breath weapon? or does that work the same as ice storm and cast at druid/shift combined lvls?

Just curious.

4  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 30 December 2020, 15:17
Well seems that this build isnt dead after all.  Grin


I recently rebuilt it roughly the same but as a brownie (which is better than a halfling!) i barely noticed the lack of Max Ice Storm and you get Rak ALOT faster starting with 21 Wis. Given it's a pure Rak build theres nothing to put points into except Con after you hit your 25 Wis.

I was going to bin a lvl of SD cos 29 Druid gets an extra 1d6 cold but i wanted hips and the tumble dump earlier than 39ish its up to you.
I stuck Heavy Armour at 18 instead of Max Spell but you could choose whatever. Im pretty much wearing light stuff so it was a waste. Cos you have 28 druid caster levels focusing entirely on buffs i dont bother with magic feats like extended.

I dont know if spell penetration or specialising in evocation spells would help this build not being much for magic users but i might look into it. Cant think of a way to get the ac above 73ish but it doesnt matter anyway if im getting hit i hips (120 hide!) and heal and repeat seems effective.

Its my go to solo farmer build (stupid dragons!) but me an optimus with his multi-shifter got all the way into mordor and took out the spider thing so not bad with the right groups. (didnt think we would last 2 minutes!)

From lvl 21 with Rak just farm the graveyard non stop gets you to mid 30's easily and you can farm the boss guys for extra 10000 xp.

Anyway this is a bit off the top of my head because Mr Prime was asking about it but i think its right and the reasons and tactics above are still the same. You can pretty much take the feats (after 20) in any order to suit but remember you wont be able to take SD until you class cross the required skill points and you wont be able to take Epic Hide/MS till they are 10 (I cross classed them and still had skill points left over.

Stats    21 Wis, 16 Con, 14 Int, 15 Dex, 13 Chr, 5 Str
Finishing 25 Wis con for the rest

01: Druid(1) Alertness
02: Druid(2)
03: Druid(3) (dodge was free from brownie) Mobility
04: Druid(4) WIS+1, (WIS=22)
05: Druid(5)
06: Druid(6) Combat Casting
07: Druid(7)
08: Druid(Cool (WIS+1, (WIS=23)
09: Druid(9) Spell Focus: Transmutation
10: Druid(10)
11: Druid(11)
12: Shifter(1) WIS+1, Greater Spell Focus Transmutation, (WIS=24)
13: Shifter(2)
14: Shifter(3)
15: Shifter(4) Stealthy
16: Shifter(5) WIS+1, (WIS=25)
17: Shifter(6)
18: Shifter(7) Heavy Armour/Toughness i suppose you could an Abjuration here freeing up an epic Feat
19: Shifter(Cool
20: Shifter(9) Con+1, (Con=18) * Top up Hide/MS to 10 and cross class 5 on tumble.
21: Shifter (10): Outsider Shape
22: Druid(12)
23: Druid(13)
24: Druid(14) Con+1, Epic Skill Hide, (Con=17)
25: Druid(15)
26: Druid(16)
27: Druid(17) Epic Skill Focus Move Silently
28: Druid(18) Con+1, (Con=18)
29: Druid(19)
30: SD (1) Armour Skin Top up on Hide/MS and tumble
31: Druid(20)
32: Druid(21) Con+1, (con 19)
33: Druid(22) Spell Focus Abjuration
34: Druid(23)
35: Druid(24) Bonus Improved Combat Casting
36: Druid(25) Con+1, (con 20) Great Spell Focus Abjuration
37: Druid(26)
38: Druid(27)
39: Druid(28) Bonus Epic Spell Focus: Transmutation, Epic Spell Focus: Abjuration
40: ShadowD(2): Con+1 (22)

Skill points max Hide/MS, tumble and Concentration, I think i took 20 discipline and topped out on search.

Kit wise.. anything that helps hide/ms .. max dex and con items, some piercing resistance.

AND given you can only be hit with lvl 9 spells something for bigbys crushing and power word kill and your good to go  Grin

Weaknesses are only things immune to Icestorm (still bludgeon though) and the occassional KD and TS can be a pain. The main reason I get killed is complancency thinking i can get a few more icestorms off before i hips/heal... REMEMBER SLOPPINESS IS A KILLER Smiley I'm off for a lie down now!
5  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / All round bug report on: 30 December 2020, 14:52
I see there is a few bug posts so i'll make this one to try cover them all.

Bugs i have noticed (apart from no Max icestorm on a Rak) is that when using icestorm on groups that randomly it doesnt affect one of them, doesnt matter if its goblins or the wraith guy at mordor.. seems completely random.. I think the way round is to disengage for a sec then try it again.

Other things i've noticed are that given i hips in and out somethings whatever i'm attacking just stops attacking, happend with Sauraman its like he cast sancturary and just stopped, happend with the balrogy guy in the old barracks.

I know it's not a bug but i was wondering if some of the old bosses could be updated like the guy in the marshes (the lich skull drops PAPER??) and the Eye boss, its hard enough to kill him to get a key to a treasurely that has crap! Not sure what he drops but i suspect it isnt worth the effort.

I would like to add though that the server is really fun at the moment and speaking for myself appreciate you keeping it alive and that your busy doing other stuff.

6  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Melee Builds / Re: Brownie - Paladin 16 / Monk 4 / Champion of Thorn 20 on: 28 December 2020, 18:06
Hmm interesting build Thiag,

I have a Ranger (gets the shield bonus) 37, monk 1, SD 2 build which is not bad but still takes a while to kill stuff. Might of went BG route with it but like you say the buffs just dont last.

Not absolutely sure but i think Brownies get dodge for free.

7  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Spellcaster Builds / Re: Rabbacs Revenge! - Brownie: Sorcerer 36/ SD 2 / Bard 2 on: 15 September 2020, 23:53
Hey, i really only posted to see if anyone was alive ;)

Thanks for replying  both of you.

I must admit it was tempting to go for epic dodge and 10 lvls of SD but even though my rak only had 2 lvls of SD i can't say i ever noticed any cooldown or i would seriously consider 10 i'll see how it goes.

I must admit i'm hoping the ac wont be too bad with buffs and spells and of course a summons here and there to keep my distance but TS will spoil my day Smiley the biggest drawback from a rak build is unfortunatley being immune to lvl 8 spells and below... that really made the build!

I cant go 1/1 mainly because i'll miss out on evasion and uncanny, dex of 22 (34) is too good to loose ;)

When it comes to solo toons i just cant see past HIPS otherwise if the spell casters dont get me then the archers/melee will.. but trying to make them do enough damage to kill mid lvl bosses on thier own with defenses is damn hard! Smiley

Other options were HS which kinda goes with sorcerer but i couldn't see what i would use it for other than the defensive potion, couple of extra chr or dex and of course the old favourite Pally level for saves was tempting but umd from bard is probably the most useful.

I'm having doubts already about putting the effort in to build this guy.. maybe i'll go back to the drawingboard on sd, thanks for the advice though.
8  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Spellcaster Builds / Rabbacs Revenge! - Brownie: Sorcerer 36/ SD 2 / Bard 2 on: 12 September 2020, 03:19
SD 2 (to hide and get uncanny, evasion) Bard 2 (simply for UMD/Disc skill dumps and for all
those nice monk and hiding items and so no-one spoils my day my KD!)

To start, apart from my Rak which can't cast maxed icestorm anymore, i've no real experience with sorcerers so ANY advice or pointers would be great. As usual this is meant for solo play (i think i'm the only one in the UK still playing  Grin ) so with that in mind it's played like my rak only with different spells, decent defences, lots of spells and a good hide i'm hoping.  I spent that long taking tips from old builds i didn't have time to build it yet so i'm not sure of the final stats thought i would ask for advice 1st.

Race: Brownie (nice bonuses)
Alignment: I go true nutural so i don't get hit with smites.

str 6
dex 22
con 12
int 16
wis 12
cha 21 (34) *All points in Chr

* Dex is needed for AC and Hide/MS skills, didn't think the drop in caster levels was worth the epic dodge. 21 starting Chr Smiley Int 16 i like my skill points and I dont need str this is a robe toon carrying little (and i'm tiny!)
skills: I havent ran it through the tester yet but hoping for Concentration Spellcraft (34) max hide, ms, disc, tumble (40) at least.  

lvl progresion: 1-20 Sorcerer take your bard lvl to dump in UMD (I did 22 so i get 25 UMD/Disc) and meet the skill req for SD then take your SD lvl to get HIPS and last lvl SD to max tumble, ms and hide and last bard for Disc.  

pre epic feats:

Mobility (handly get dodge as a starter)
spell focus evocation
spell focus necromancy
empower spell
extend spell
grtr spell focus evocation
grtr spell focus necromancy

*you could drop one of the focuses and get max spell and maybe stealthy.

Epic lvl feats:

In no particular order as you can swap with playing style even some of the pre epic if you want combat casting early. Obviously the Epic Skill focuses need to be taken as general feats and to have 20 ranks in them but the rest can be taken anywhere. You could drop Epic Mage Armour (overkill?) and Mummy dust if you wanted a couple more Chr.

mummy dust (hes a distraction and i get to heal him and attack with mords)
Epic Warding
Epic Mage Armour
Epic Spell Focus Nec
Epic Spell Focus Evo
Combat Casting
Improved Combat Casting (25 Concentration)
3 x Gre Chr
*Epic Hide
*Epic MS
*Epic Disc

spells and tacticts:

Hide n cast rinse and repeat! (all this because my poor rak doesnt work anymore  Cry Cry Cry)

I'll get over it eventually anyway i'll update this as it goes and again any help is appreciated.

9  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 11 September 2020, 17:44
Well that sucks  Tongue

Now i need to start another farmer build
10  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 12 January 2020, 18:58
Is the server down?

I was happily playing yesterday and it felt like a crash. When i look at gamespy (or whatever it's called) I can see and log into all the other servers but in my history it says server unknow and not up.

Also it's not on the server list.. maybe i need to reinstall steam or something.
11  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Rogue builds / Ranger 33 / SD 2 / HS 5 on: 31 December 2019, 20:44
I know this isn't top boss killer (but soloing what is?) but i'm hoping it makes a decent mid-high range farmer but i havent tested it yet.

Race: Brownie (hide, ms bonus and 1 AC) also get Dodge/Weapon Finesse/Imp Initative feats for free! Alignment whatever you want I just go nutreal to avoid smites.

Stats    Start Wis 16 Con 10 Int 16 Dex 23 Chr 13 Str 10

Chr cant be changed 16 Wis gives an extra spell or two and I like my Skill points so I took 16 Int but you can take wis and int down to 14 and put them where you want.

01: Ranger(1) Alertness *Fav Enemy
02: Ranger(2)
03: Ranger(3) Weapon Focus
04: Ranger(4) (Dex=24)
05: Ranger(5) *Fav Enemy
06: Ranger(6) Mobility
07: Ranger(7)
08: Ranger(Cool WIS+1, (Dex=25)
09: Ranger(9) Spell Focus: Transmutation
10: Ranger(10)*Great Spell Focus Transmutation
11: Ranger(11)
12: Ranger(12) Mobility, (Dex=26)
13: Ranger(13)
14: Ranger(14)
15: Ranger(15) *Fav Enemy, Stealthy
16: Ranger(16) (Dex=27)
17: Ranger(17)
18: Ranger(18) Blind Fighting (you get keen sense feat on relog for Ranger)
19: Ranger(19)
20: Ranger(20) (Dex=28)** put 4 Disc, 6 lore and 4 search for HS and top up Hide, MS and annoying cross class 5 in tumble
21: ShadowD(1) Armour Skin **Top up on Tumble and put 8 in persuade for HS.

At this point you can pretty much level as you want but i would leave the last level as Ranger to top your Hide M/S and Parry (and Disc if you want it). Remember HS gets you a free Feat at 1 and 5 which I used for ESF Hide and MS although you can put a couple of Great Dexes in there if you want.

22: Harper(1) *Epic Skill Hide
23: Ranger(21)
24: Ranger(22) Great Dex (Dex=30)
25: Ranger(23) *Epic Weap Focus
26: Ranger(24)
27: Harper(2)  Great Dex (Dex=31)
28: Ranger(25) *Weapon Prowless(Dex=32)
29: Ranger(26) *Bane of Enemies
30: Ranger(27) Great Dex (Dex 33)
31: Ranger(28)
32: Harper(3) (Dex=34)
33: Ranger(29) Great Dex (Dex 35) *Blinding Speed
34: Ranger(30) *Fav Enemy
35: Ranger(31)
36: Ranger(32) Great Dex (Dex=37) *Fav Enemy **Top up Parry
37: Harper(4)
38: Harper(5) *Epic Skill MS
39: Shadow(28) Epic Skill Parry (Max Tumble)
40: Ranger(33): (Dex=38) Max Disc, MS, Hide, Parry you have 68 points to put where you want, I went Set traps and Search.

**You could take the harper earlier but you dont want to be using 250 xp a time to make potions before you get to lvl 40 anyway.

You could do 25 Ranger and 10 SD for epic dodge for more defence and less attack but i think this is a nice balance.

These stats are from the builder test area +5/6 kit and those +7 robes maxing on dex.

No Buffs = AC 74, AB 58 (Hide 76, MS 75)
Fully buffed with potions and spells in builder

AC 86 AB 62 (2d10 Magic 6 times if you hit every time and it multiples with crit) (Hide 106, MS 85 remember thats without kit) 60 with a bow but you only get the HS +5 magical on that.

I would be hopeful with some decent kit for higher scores on damage and Hide/MS skills and i'm sure some of my defensive capablilities could be better worked out.


I went with daggers because there are a few decent ones to be had and nobody uses them but also they have a 19-20 crit range so you want couple of keen ones and but also they are tiny so i think it helps with the duel wielding penalty cos your small, Kurkis are also a viable option you could drop stealthy and take an early exotic weapon feat for an 18-20 crit range but i think there is less of a choice of them. (+2 AB to the above if you use one only) Thankfully the blade thirst spells magical damage multiplies on a crit.

I went the transmutation route for the buffs to various hide spells, you could sacrifice them, pity i couldn't get greater spell focus.

So there you are, I will post an update on lvling and how i get on in various areas.

Happy New Year - Rabbac aka radagast aka Masterthief and probably a couple more!
12  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 31 December 2019, 16:44
Not sure why but now i can't seem to cast max ice storm with this... it's been a loooong while since i built it so i'm not sure how i did it the first time but i've tried everything and while the caster levels add up if i try to cast max it says i can't and will only let me cast the normal one... any ideas?
13  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Merry X mas and a Happy New Year on: 31 December 2019, 13:33
Hi All (if there is anyone around  Grin)

Just to say a happy new year to anyone still kicking around on the server.. i know there are some as i saw a couple of people but unfortuantely they are probably in the US as they log on as i log off!!!

Anyway happy new year to anyone who reads this and all the best


P.S. i see there are 2 new races... is there anything on the forum regarding these?
14  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: NWN Enhanced Edition on: 08 June 2019, 15:19
I dont see the server anymore in game. I see all the others but not this one?
15  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: How to get onto nwn EE server: step-by-step guide on: 06 April 2019, 17:48
I've downloaded the enhance pack from steam, subscribed to CEP and see a list of servers but not GVM Sad

Ravensloft is at the top and i can log in. Reading down i see steam\workshop folder mentioned i can't see that in the steam installation folder or the nwn one...

Any suggestions?
16  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: NEW Era has started ! on: 05 January 2019, 22:44
New players, new lease of life.. i can't resist  Smiley

See you online probably in a week or so.... Happy New Year to everyone.

Rabbac  Grin
17  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Server dead? on: 14 January 2018, 19:58
But sure, you're right, you cannot just kill Saruman/Elrond/Aragorn/etc by yourself.

I can kill Saruman by myself  wink
18  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 01 January 2018, 15:45
Decent for soloing hfodf although some things like dragons take forever Smiley

What one you build epic dodge or non?
19  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Greetings and salutations - old player returning on: 25 December 2017, 15:16
Merry Christmas one and all  Smiley

20  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Rhovanion Desert Area - officially removing level restriction on: 21 March 2017, 22:29
Huzzar  Grin
21  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 14 February 2017, 00:18
Server down  Smiley
22  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 08 February 2017, 21:17
Thanks GreyD... ding ding round 2  Grin
23  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 08 February 2017, 00:09
Servers down i think.. damn sauron knew we were coming for him!!  Smiley
24  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 04 February 2017, 02:43
A slight adjustment on the above.. take max spell and drop stealthy.

Thanks Zoltar for pointing it out  Smiley

25  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 02 February 2017, 22:33
An alternative Rak with epic dodge.

Race: Halfling
Stats 16 Wis, 18 Dex, 14 Int

01: Druid(1) Alertness
02: Druid(2)
03: Druid(3) Dodge
04: Druid(4) Dex 19
05: Druid(5)
06: Shifter(1) Mobility
07: Shifter(2)
08: Shifter(3) Dex 20
09: Shifter(4) Combat Casting
10: Shifter(5)
11: Shifter(6)
12: Shifter(7) Stealthy, Dex 21
13: Shifter(Cool
14: Shifter(9)
15: Shifter(10) Blind Fighting
16: Shadowdancer(1) Dex 22
17: Shadowdancer(2)
18: Shadowdancer(3) Toughness
19: Shadowdancer(4)
20: Shadowdancer(5) Dex 23
21: Shifter(11): Grt Wis 17
22: Shifter(12)
23: Druid (6) Great Wis 18
24: Druid (7) Dex+1, (Dex=24)
25: Druid (Cool
26: Druid (9) Grt Wis 19
27: Druid (10)
28: Druid (11) Dex+1, (Dex=25)
29: Druid (12) Great Wis 20
30: Druid (13)
31: Druid (14)
32: Druid(15) Wis 21
33: Druid(16) Great Wis 22
34: Druid(17)
35: Shadowdancer(6)
36: Shadowdancer(7) Wis 23, Great Wis 24
37: Shadowdancer(Cool
38: Shadowdancer(9)
39: Shadowdancer(10) Epic dodge Ė Max Tumble Hide/MS
40: Shifter(13): Wis 25, *Outsider Shape

What you lose out on are 8 caster levels and although you still get your druid buffs (and most important max icestorm) they arenít as powerful or long because of levels of druid and lack focuses . You lose out on epic skill focus hide/ms but gain from a better shadow evade and taking stealthy which brings it out about 110 with no hide kit.  You also donít get improved combat casting but that rarely matters given you spam and hide you also loose armour skin.

What you gain is epic dodge, defensive roll and improved evasion, lvl 10 shadow evade (and couple of other freebies from SD) making this guy harder to hit. Another side benefit is that your deathsalad makes a semi-decent tank!

I know what you miss out on appears to be more than you gain but even hipsing you occasionally get stupid (Balagor hits for over 300!!) and a bit of lag can cost you, epic dodge is very effective.

The main drawback is that you donít get either epic dodge or outsider shape till the end, you have to rely on your shapes and helpful companions!
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