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26  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Dwarf : Wizard 4 / PM 10 / DD 26 (DR Tank) on: 01 February 2017, 00:45
You need to dig out a few more of these FC  Smiley

Due to the changes you could swap wiz for bard and take the last at 40 to max that tumble etc out, might even get to 46 ab lol  wink

Might have to juggle the starting abilities about a little though having to start with 11 chr  Sad
27  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 30 January 2017, 22:00
Balgor's mino maze.

Just run through to the room before you reach Balgor's room invisible.

Hide and spam them then move on to Balgors.

A few steps in the first ones spawn, hips and cast them down the corridor and finish them off in the big room and repeat. Don't worry if Balgor follows just be careful not to get to near him as he crits for over 300 2 of them and your dead.

I've done him about 5 times and only got his crappy necklace... i did die once as i said don't get to close to him if you get him alone in the big room and spam and hide he doesn't get to near because he heads towards the corridor every time you re-hide  Smiley

Still looking for that damn axe!!!  Grin
28  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 27 January 2017, 21:00
High praise... thanks GreyD.. and thanks for keep this server running..

Couldn't believe the game is 14 Years old and the server can't be far behind.. i think it was one of a couple i used to play when i first started playing but always my favourite mainly due to the lively (being kind) forums and of course the characters over the years good and bad  wink

Made me feel old when someone the other day asked if i had been playing long on the server!! I was modest by saying 8 years.. probably more like 12-13!

Anyway i must admit i'm loving being back.. good to see some old faces and in the case of MShake some new, like me there is still life in the old dog yet!

Keep up the good work mate..  Grin
29  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Re: Rabbac's Rak on: 24 January 2017, 23:34
Wheres that wraith build sky  wink

Already thinking that i might do an sd 10 druid 20 shifter 10 one.

Sacrificing 8 caster levels which is still 12d6 (rather than 15d6) but you get more hide/ms with shadow evade and epic dodge which toe to toe can be a lifesaver.. probably drop the abjuration feats and take toughness, epic dodge and stealth max out that hide!

I sure i did one of these but in parties used the Death Salad mainly as a meatshield.. not bad!
30  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Future Talk / Re: Removing class alignment restrictions on: 24 January 2017, 21:07
I got all excited about this but now can't really think of a build to use it for  Grin

Quite happy with my pally/bg/cot though.. really only adds higher saves but they are impressive lowest is 40ish..
31  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / Specialty Builds / Rabbac's Rak on: 24 January 2017, 20:55
Iíve had some interest in this build so here it is.. iím of course doing this at work (i sent myself the spells!) i think this is right.. damn you I.T. department and your game site blocking!!

Is it a caster build? I don't know I would say speciality is soloing   Grin

Race: Gnome (hide, ms bonus and 1 AC) Alignment whatever you want.

Stats    Start 18 Wis 16 Con (or 15) Int 14 Dex 13 (for mobility, dodge) 8 Chr 6 Str
Finishing 25 Wis con for the rest

01: Druid(1) Alertness
02: Druid(2)
03: Druid(3) Dodge
04: Druid(4) WIS+1, (WIS=19)
05: Druid(5)
06: Druid(6) Mobility
07: Druid(7)
08: Druid(Cool WIS+1, (WIS=20)
09: Druid(9) Spell Focus: Transmutation
10: Druid(10)
11: Druid(11)
12: Shifter(1) WIS+1, Greater Spell Focus Transmutation, (WIS=21)
13: Shifter(2)
14: Shifter(3)
15: Shifter(4) Combat Casting
16: Shifter(5) WIS+1, (WIS=22)
17: Shifter(6)
18: Shifter(7) Max Spell
19: Shifter(Cool
20: Shifter(9) WIS+1, (WIS=23) * Top up Hide/MS and cross class 5 on tumble.
21: ShadowD (1): Armour Skin
22: Druid(12)
23: Druid(13)
24: Druid(14) WIS+1, Epic Skill Hide, (WIS=24)
25: Druid(15)
26: Druid(16)
27: Druid(17) Epic Skill Focus Move Silently
28: Druid(18) WIS+1, (WIS=25)
29: Druid(19)
30: Shifter(10) Outsider Shape (Finally) Top up on Hide/MS
31: Druid(20)
32: Druid(21) Con+1,
33: Druid(22) Spell Focus Abjuration
34: Druid(23)
35: Druid(24) Bonus Improved Combat Casting
36: Druid(25) Con+1, Great Spell Focus Abjuration
37: Druid(26)
38: Druid(27)
39: Druid(28) Bonus Epic Spell Focus: Transmutation, Epic Spell Focus: Abjuration
40: ShadowD(2): Con+1

Some points to note:

Rakshasa benefits - +8 Dodge AC, +5/15 Damage Reduction, Immunity to all level 1-8 spells, +5 Discipline/Search, +15 Spellcraft, +10 Hide/Move Silently, True Seeing, Greater Dispelling and Mestil's Acid Breath (you could focus in this but itís slow to cast and you have to get close).

Your hide and MS are about 110 without kit bonuses come from Rak (+10) and Gnome and Camouflage and Mass Camouflage stack (+20), woodland stride.  
Icestorm cast at lvl 38 maxed and acid spell is handy for finishing Trolls!

Skills I took Concentration, Hide, MS, Tumble and you can cross class discipline but I donít get that close 

I took transmutation and abjuration feats for the following buffs:


Aura of Vitality: Transmutation focus feats adds 5/6/8 to ability bonuses and adds 30/50/100 rounds to the duration

Barkskin: +8 Natural AC at level 25

Camouflage / Mass Camouflage - 10 is added to Hide skill and conceal 55%

Greater Stoneskin: Gives +5/20 Damage Reduction with an absorb amount of 10 * caster level - Transmutation focus feats increase these to: +6/10, 30 * caster level

Nature's Balance: Heals 3d8 Hit Points - Transmutation focus feats adds 2d8/2d8/4d8 Hit Points, Applies Clarity to those in Area of Effect, Spell Resistance bonus of 13 + d4 (caster level / 4)

One with the Land - Transmutation focus feats adds 6 to Animal Empathy, Hide, Move Silently, Search and Set Trap skills

Virtue - At caster level 31, caster gains 25 Hit Points per caster level over 30


Endure Elements - Grants 10/- vs Elemental Damage - Abjuration focus feats increase the absorb amount to 40/60/100 before collapsing

Energy Buffer - Grants 40/- vs Elemental Damage - Abjuration focus feats increase the absorb amount to 120/180/300 before collapsing

Protection from Elements - Gives 30/- Damage Resistance vs Elemental Damage
Abjuration focus feats increases the absorb amount to 50/70/110 before collapsing

Resist Elements - Gives 20/- Damage Resistance vs Elemental Damage - Abjuration focus feats increases the absorb amount to 50/70/110 before collapsing

Resistance - At caster level 31, caster gains 1 to Savings Throws per caster level over 30

Stoneskin - Gives +5/10 Damage Reduction with an absorb amount of 150 before collapsing - Abjuration focus feats increases these to:   +5/15, 150, +5/20, 200, +6/7, 200

**If you donít want to take these you can pile on the constitution or you can bin one for the spell penetration feats but at 38 caster lvls does it matter?

AC maxes around 75 which isnít too bad if they canít hit you (like Wormtounge) you can just stand and spam hopefully standing next to Saruman 2 birds 1 stone! .

So far the drawbacks have been the Thrall who is immune and Dragons take forever but you get there in the end Elite archers tend to see you and those gorgoth things are immune.

Obviously this is a solo character although if youíre careful you can team up taking out archers etc or better still if there are 2 you can take turns hipsing and casting!

Kit I use are most important thing is a bigby ring then I have Sauramanís robes and cloak, and anything that boosts con, hide, ms or physical damage such as piercing.  

Tactics for boss type areas are to lure (a couple at a time) and spam donít try and tackle everyone at once although you probably can if they donít have ts.  

A few tips for farming: Sauraman Ė go to the room on the right of the portal and hips and spam that lot.. go forward and lure the big guy (canít remember what they are called) take him to the same place and hips and spam. Then go along the right hand wall and walk out just far enough that Wormtounge seeís you then back up to the wall till he comes, sometimes with Sauraman either take them to the corner or back to the room and get right up close to Sauraman can spam them both. Wormy rarely hits you and Sauraman only has a spell or two that can damage you. Standing close makes him cast his low level things like cones of cold ect buying you more time to kill him although you can just hips and heal and finish the job!

MT and Radagast Ė Iíve only done Radagast once but hereís how. MT gate get right up against the wall and spam the 4 guard types in the corner your trying to avoid the archers on the wall. Once they are done you should be able to cast on the wall which takes a while because of those damn healers! Once done do the other side, rebuff if you have to.

In the gates itís just a case of spamming the 2 archers and whatever else is there you will kill them before they can do you. Rest, this is the tricky bit. Faramir and the archers are the only ones that can see you so run in and spam and run around till your health is looking about half. Faramir (and archers) can hit you but not often enough to worry about. Run through the transition if you have to sometimes the archers on the wall follow take them out. Iíve done this many times so itís not too bad. The worst part is when you open the gates and they are all waiting behind it lol. Once you get the gate open you need to run back let them come hips and run through the gates hopefully leaving the peacekeepers on the other side and you inside! Then you just have to hips and kill the ones on this side and get up on the wall and kill the ones below. After that trauma itís plain sailingÖ go up the right side of MT to killing the 2 archers at the gate to Radagast I think a couple of guards as well. It takes ages to open the gate but it does and watch out for any guards who just happen by.. hips and kill.

Once inside rest and get ready. Go up the left side of the map on DO NOT go near the middle you should see them spawn and wander around, whatever comes round the corner lure to the bottom of the map. The only thing that can see you are the archers and the dreaded eagle (best get him one on one and spam). Once the eagle is out the way the guards walk up and down lure them and hopefully last is Radagast if you do happen to get him sooner just lure him to the bottom where you wonít be disturbed. Radagast is strange, he sometimes casts spells but mostly just chases you with his staff either way he canít see you so hips and spam.

Serpents Ė lure them in groups hips and spam. You can stand toe to toe with the serpent priest but take no chances with large groups he can see you.

The Black Gate Ė take out the archers on the gate before you go in. Once the gate is open lure out the gatekeeper and get him alone at the back of the map and spam him, he doesnít do much damage no need to hips then mop up the rest. The only ones that give you trouble are the priestesses who keep healing each other! Once inside the towers itís a hips and spam to kill the boss types.

Black Serpent. Lure and kill the dragons a pain but keep him away from the entrance and run upstairs and heal when you need to.

Sistraís Ė lure and spam.

Dain Ė Lonely mountain Ė Lure and spam again the dragon outside is a pain 8 points per storm. He gets stuck easy so take advantage ;)

Thatís all I can think of .. good luck and if you have any tips for farming to share please do. Iíve found that killing Mordor bosses is easier simply because Peligrar and Amonwhatever (canít spell!) they are on top of you instantly boss and archers, Mordor side there is more space!

32  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Player from Long Ago on: 01 January 2017, 16:10
I remember you coach  Smiley

Was it THAT long ago? I'm so old i thought it was last Tuesday!  wink

33  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 25 December 2016, 22:56
Server down.. i think.. i need my christmas fix!
34  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Christmas wishes on: 25 December 2016, 21:16
Merry Christmas from bonnie Scotland.. and a happy hogmanay!  Grin
35  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Map of the Server on: 16 December 2016, 18:01

Here's the old map I would say probably about 2/3 of it might be ok.  Smiley
36  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 09 December 2016, 23:44
I've met a few newbies here and there since i've been back.. nice to see some from other servers.

I try to help them out and leave kit in the pocket to get them started (yes i'm the litter lout!)

The more the merrier.. and yes it's nice to see a few old faces.. (sorry CP i'm sure your face isn't that old)  wink
37  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 05 December 2016, 22:32
Hi Grey,

I was only kidding i had died at the gates and was eating dirt for a few minutes then it seem to be still working but I couldnt respawn and when i logged back in it was down  Smiley

Been back a wee while and it hasn't been down yet so seems pretty stable. Thanks for keeping it running, it's good to be back in the groove.

On the plus side i can hand in all those damn quest items i've been hoarding in the hope of some travel passes!

Keep up the good work.

38  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 04 December 2016, 23:11
Server's down FC.. just as i was storming Gondor solo and kicking it's ass!  :wink cheap tactics Faramir!
39  Misc / Off-topic / Anyone follow web serieses? on: 13 June 2013, 22:29
I follow a few web based series such as .....

The guild


Journey Quest


2 good D&D movies Games 1 and 2.

and Tabletop (yes it's extreme geekyness)


Anyone got any recommendations? and of course these links are something to do if the servers down  Grin
40  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: GameSpy Server List Permanently Gone - Direct Connect to Server Only Now. on: 13 June 2013, 22:23
Here's a server list... WITH GVM on it.

Looks quite good like the old gamespy  Smiley


41  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Anyone still around? on: 13 June 2013, 22:17
You forgot Yoghy she is already testing builds haha  laugh
As it happens I received an email today from somebody who wanted to play on our server, so there is hope yet  Grin

Did they say how they learned of it Chaz? Surely there are some budget game NWN players looking for a server.
42  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Anyone still around? on: 13 June 2013, 22:15
Hey Locmer,

Nice to see you  Smiley

Cool I didn't know all those people were still around (or the server for that matter) and yoggy to!

Just looked up the forums on a whim and dug out my discs I thought I was going to be disappointed but things seem much the same as when I left in fact there looks like more people!  Grin

I've forgotten half my accounts and what most of my builds were going to be but it's nice to start a fresh at least i've still got some kit and cash!

Looking forward to getting back to my old routine a nice way to spend a couple of hours before bedtime and hopefully the occasional raid.

Hope fire gets to DM it would be nice to have one on again .. damn so the server is down. Bah I'm a curse!!

See you in game

Happy Rabbac  wink
43  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Anyone still around? on: 11 June 2013, 02:01
Nice to be back.. hello to anyone still around  Smiley


44  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Merry Christmas on: 05 January 2013, 17:11
Still up and running?  Grin

Merry Christmas to you all

Rabbac  Evil
45  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Anyone still around? on: 26 January 2012, 23:10
Wow, with pixie, rade, sancho etc back posting it really does feel like the old folks home!

Glad to see you all alive and kicking and basking in nostalgia   Smiley


46  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Merry Christmas on: 24 December 2011, 15:55
Merry Christmas to you both.. and a happy newyear  Grin

47  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Anyone still around? on: 24 December 2011, 15:52
I've not been on for a month of two.. like Rod I miss pvp and the numbers had been woeful before i left..

It was hard to give GvM up and I still miss it but so many old, semi-old players have given up (like a few above) and I found myself wandering around alone and with all the changes made for raids and group play its boring soloing in the only few areas you can to say the least.

Before all the changes soloing was still good when the numbers went up and down but that's not really an option any more..

Not being critical (or maybe i am) but i thought it was a mistake at the time to make so much of the mod for party play at a time when keeping up the numbers of people playing was more important. I know the numbers inevitably go down due to the age of the game but before I left I felt a lot of people were passing through (tried to encourage by partying and giving kit) and it was important to keep them here. There were still decent numbers playing other mods and during the summer we got about 10 or sometimes more playing.

I think that pre-wipe mod it was mainly a soloing game with the option to team up for pvp when the numbers were there but now soloing isn't worthwhile and there's no-one to pvp with i think the only way to keep the mod going to to find that balance again.

Anyway enough rambling from me i would just like to thank everyone who have made the mod what it was and gave me over 10 years of joy and a lot of good friends on the way as well as memories  Grin

Take care all and have a good christmas and new year if your gonna delete my accounts (there are many!) please leave rabbac48 i will look in now and then and perhaps get my enthusiasm back after the new year I sincerely hope the mod keeps going and finds as hardcore a group as it once had.

All the best,

Rabbac  wink
48  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Crafting on: 20 September 2011, 17:29
thats what i was told to NW? I miss the old crafting still got my gloves somewhere.
49  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 14 September 2011, 18:42
Still no joy turrily  Cry

Send it express post to Scotland c/o Rabbac i'll fix it in minutes  wink
50  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 11 September 2011, 23:21
Servers Down  Cry
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