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1  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Help/Advice with some quests/areas on: 02 May 2020, 13:42
Ha ... I totally understand what youre saying ... thats the main reason I wanted this mod not get lost ... Turril hosted this mod for years, but lost interest along the way I think, cause the mod was not reachable for a long time ... I feel I've saved this "modhosting" for us all, just in time.

Also I'm beginning to think its about time that the real enthusiasts like you (and me) should get the change to really dive into the mod .. and explore all the secrets there are in this mod
... and maybe, just maybe beginning to think about some slight changes, to make the mod also great for solo and really small party's adventures.

Thing is I'm too afraid what it will do to this mod ... especially because the "real engine" nowadays is Steam ....
and "rogue" or "altered" GvM-mods will arise in Steam if we're not careful.
Plus all the consequences this will have on our really small "GvM-community" ... it will get dispersed.  
Also this needs to be approved by -fire- (our only DM and developer atm)

In the way you write youre "forumtopics" I just feel the enthusiasm and reminds me of my own appeal and fascination for this mod ... I tried to understand all the written code in the scripts ... I also tried to explore doing some DM-ing ... but its too complicated for me to get a grip on all this.

For instance ... I really want to make an adventure that's situated around an escaped Balrog  Evil
But that also involves a lot of written "ad-hoc" communication ... besides some specialized needed scripts
And needs experience with the DM-tools ... skills I don't have and don't quite get the hang of it

So I still have hopes ... just not living up to it.

Meanwhile there are some people like you ... people who are putting a lot of effort to play and explore this mod ... people who maybe can help each other to advance this mod into less impossible area places and with more helpful information
 .... like which bosses need specialized party's or toons or give some other tactical advise here:

Tomorrow (Sunday may 3th, around 15:00 CET (GMT+1)) I'll try to be online
I have mostly Mordor toons (very few Gondor) ... and only 1 I really am proud of ... (shapeshifter-semi-tank) so I like to fool around the mod with this one tomorrow :-)
Hope to see you around there too.

2  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Help/Advice with some quests/areas on: 01 May 2020, 12:00
Wow ClevarOne, this is really inspiring for me to read, great work!
 ... unfortunately lots of the areas you mention I haven't explored at all.

I hope someone can answer you're questions .. otherwise I need to investigate the mod in detail ... and up until now it drives me mad how many scripts there are running and discourages me completely to run into details.

But this also actually wants me to play again ... (maybe tonight or tomorrow) ...
hmmm ... you triggert something  gandalf
3  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Level 35 and below area - is it still an enforced rule? on: 22 April 2020, 18:18
Sry, I really cannot help here ... maybe -firecracker- can share his thoughts about these?
-fire- ?
4  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Character Builds / Re: Terrifying Rage, Intimidate, and Taunt against bosses on: 07 April 2020, 09:11
Looks like nobody (those who are still around) knows anything about taunting bosses ... or hasn't read this topic yet
My guess though ... its not gonna work or at least less than expected ... cause bosses are kind of "cheating buggers" in most cases (at least that's my opinion)
Still it could/should work in most other situations ... so maybe fun to build anyway?
Afterwards you could tell us here if this works enough and how effective it can be?
Hope to read that one one day ...
5  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / MOVED: Terrifying Rage, Intimidate, and Taunt against bosses on: 05 April 2020, 10:01
This topic has been moved to GvM1 Character Builds.

6  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Character Builds / Re: Terrifying Rage, Intimidate, and Taunt against bosses on: 05 April 2020, 10:01
Sorry m8 ... but this question is in the wrong topic .... It belongs to the Character Builds section
<Moved to the right one>
7  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Sugestion on: 01 April 2020, 09:55
Don't think thats possible (would be great, but alas) ... otherwise it was done ages ago ... now its still something only the hoster (me) must/can do

But you can always give me a hint with forum-message ...and after that, the communication goes via greydeth@hotmail.com ... there you can give me a list of toons I need to delete
8  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Is there a connection between character level and drop chance? on: 30 March 2020, 08:50
Welcome back !  Cheesy

(Not quite sure ... but I think:) No, the drop-changes given are always the same
I think what is meant is that there are a very few areas in this mod where youre toon is not allowed to enter at high level ... but at level 30 or so it is.

9  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Please release the modle file for us to play at home on: 26 March 2020, 17:43
But then its never ever possible to play together anymore ...
Some Bosses are impossible to defeat alone ...

This also means the end of this forum .... with all kind of negative consequences, such as missing all the great info and also kills the possibility to ask questions.

I really understand youre need to play this great mod for ever .... but (if -fire- agrees) .. before I die I will give the mod to our community .... (btw -fire- has the mod also ... so he can release the mod too one day if he feels like it)
10  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 13 January 2020, 20:17
Hey Radagast and MissonFailed,
Server was running as normal .... but to be sure I did reboot the server again
(today standard reboot went automatically just like every mondaymorning)
I do see server in list and see everything is working fine .... R u 2 still having trouble??
11  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 04 December 2019, 19:56
I hope the update is the cure (done that and started server again) ... can someone confirm?
12  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: How to get onto the new nwn EE server: step-by-step guide on: 13 November 2019, 23:05
 hello2 headbang
13  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: How to get onto the new nwn EE server: step-by-step guide on: 10 October 2019, 10:51
Nothing is mentioned about old versions in the install-instructions ... so no ... no need for that.
Server specific ... yes: also in instructions ->  
"install CEP from steam workshop / or select Steam/Community/Workshop and search for: Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition then for CEP"

Hope you will figure this out ... cause it seems we cannot really help you with more explanation
Only 1 tip: read the instructions thoroughly ... word for word, line by line if you have to.
Good luck!
14  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: How to get onto the new nwn EE server: step-by-step guide on: 08 October 2019, 22:15
Actually the yellow stuff is my contribution.
But yeah ... the yellow instructions are the key for HAK files trouble ... cant get it clearer than that, sorry.
just read line by line, word for word and look on youre hard disk for the needed file and maps

for instance nwn.ini file can be found here: C:\Users\<youre-name>\Documents\Neverwinter Nights\nwn.ini
use wordpad or so to read and edit this file
Steam is installed somewhere on youre hard drive ... so <steam-install-place> can be D:\Steam? or C:\Program Files\Steam? or C:\games\Steam? or D:\Games\Steam ... or ... or ...
... in other words ...  just follow the yellow instructions.
 ... hope you take deep breaths, read slowly and just keep calm .. that will help
Good luck

15  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 04 October 2019, 23:36
4 oct 2019:
Server strangely enough had stopped working ... its now up and running again!
16  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: How to get onto the new nwn EE server: step-by-step guide on: 04 October 2019, 23:34
Server had stopped ... its now online again.
17  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: Trouble connecting on: 30 September 2019, 20:33
 Grin hello2 :pompom:
18  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 02 September 2019, 23:27
Thnx for error description .... Now I knew where the problem was ... Fixed !
Server can be reached again!
19  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 01 September 2019, 22:10
Oops ... I will check ... Online again asap

Aaaand fixed (stupid machine was looping in repair-mode over and over again)
Server up and running

Thnx for warning!
20  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Tactics / Re: Baragor on: 02 August 2019, 23:17
W00t Rodriquez  hello2 ... great to hear from you again!
It was you who told me how to solo Baragor with Drider in first place .... still grateful for that  Grin

Slaad for solo ... heh nice tip ... will try that too one day.
Yeah arrow shooting appears almost non-effective for Baragor ... all his minions on the other hand ... no problem.

If you have other hints/tips for other Bosses ... new thread will be greatly appreciated  wink

Hope hearing from you here again ...
21  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Tactics / Re: Baragor on: 08 July 2019, 17:32
Thnx!  Grin learning all the time  Tongue
22  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Tactics / Re: Baragor on: 07 July 2019, 20:56
Thnx Sky ... but ... but ... wow 100+ hide/ms  Shocked ... dont even know how to do that .... My max is around 85 or so with right gear.
How can you get 100+ ????
23  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Tactics / Re: Baragor on: 04 July 2019, 17:52
kewl nice tips ... and also great idea ... toon with at least 110 discipline ... thnx -fire-  Grin
24  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Tactics / Baragor on: 02 July 2019, 21:41
Finally a board where to get inside tactical info for Boss raids ....  Grin

Solo Hunt.
Target: Baragors Axe!
I always wanted to get Baragor solo (of course for his Axe - I once got one from a friend (Rodriquez) ... but I need another one and I find it dishonourable to never get one myself  Tongue).
Yesterday I finally succeeded with a Drider-Tank and with lots an lots and even more magic missiles.
Whole fight took me almost an hour.
(unfortunately no Axe drop ... but finally I know 1 way how to kill Baragor now  laugh

1st of all ... I failed a lot of times.
I knew there was a trick (only I never succeeded) to take care to let Baragor never touch you ...
his improved knock-down is waaay to strong .. and always succeed lots of times ... even if youre discipline is around 90 (like I have)

My Drider-Tank has AC 90 (with haste and without other buffs) and appeared to be adequate for Baragors Cave/Maze ... The Bull Champions are somewhat difficult ... but if you try to take them out one or 2 at a time ... you can succeed.
I also equip Darts with keen and electrical damage before going to Drider-form (this stacks with Bow damage)
Dunno if keen helps a lot by the way ... but I tried other darts and this one seems to work best.

For those who like to know how I did this:
The order of things I did ... every time I made sure the Minotaur Mages and Druids where killed first
(Kobold-form / go invis / Drider-form and shoot fast ... then away / Kobold-form / go-invis / Drider-form and after that repeat these steps to draw attention from the Bull Champions ... preferably take them out 1 at the time.
and so on

Then finally try to get Baragor into a position that he is blocked by Clay Golems and/or Elementals
and you can have a clear view to hit him with youre magic missiles (unfortunately it does very little damage, around 12 damage avarage I think ... but it works better than using youre arrows .... they miss him too often)
it took me, as said earlier, almost 1 hour to finally take him down (He fully healed around 5 times too) ... but the satisfaction/relief I felt was awesome  fart

Next time I will try again ... same tactics (I will get his Axe)

If someone has other working tactics for Baragor or comments ... please contribute by replying ... otherwise make another Boss or Area topic in this board.

Hope this info can help other (less experienced - like me) GvM-players.

Happy Hunting!

25  Gondor vs Mordor 1 / GvM1 Players Forum / Re: SERVER DOWN on: 12 June 2019, 18:58
Problems probably not entirely away for long ... but server is UP again (finally)
- harddisk had some bad sectors and damaged files ... did not succeed in copying / cloning the disk yet ...
Will do that another time ...  Grin

Enjoy again!
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