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27 January 2022, 09:39

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 on: 23 January 2022, 23:46 
Started by schlix - Last post by schlix
Thanks!! will get on it soon...  Cheesy

 on: 23 January 2022, 13:42 
Started by schlix - Last post by GreyDeth
Hey Schlix,
Welcome back!  hello2

This will help to get you back on youre feet
(especially the part with this "Porting toons from old server" in it

Plze read this whole topic too:

Hope you can enjoy GvM soon again!

 on: 22 January 2022, 20:24 
Started by schlix - Last post by schlix
Hello All,
After years away from NWN I have decided to come back, and GvM has always been one of my favorite servers. So I hope I can reinstate my old accounts, or at least some of them (i had quite a few lol), so who should i contact these days (pls include their email)?


 on: 19 January 2022, 15:43 
Started by soulstler - Last post by GreyDeth
Maniack has saved us again ... Forum was broken for at least 2 days (probably longer).
Its fixed again.
All hail Maniack! (who also pays for this forum for many years already) notworthy

 on: 14 January 2022, 10:13 
Started by Turril - Last post by cosmic_pariah
It seems she's down again

 on: 07 January 2022, 18:56 
Started by Turril - Last post by GreyDeth
Up again, hf

 on: 07 January 2022, 14:51 
Started by Turril - Last post by myx79
Hi, good afternoon, SERVER is DOWN, can you restart it? Thanks in advance.

 on: 06 January 2022, 23:16 
Started by ollebroc - Last post by bad_karma
Portal to each and every area from Eru, unlimited use.. Hell, they can look like horses for all I care!


 on: 01 January 2022, 17:02 
Started by ollebroc - Last post by cosmic_pariah
I wanna change my vote to horses. I aint runnin to rivendel w/o one


I officially change my damn vote!~

With perma haste now real and horses are rarely ever used, I think this topic needed a bump.


 on: 30 December 2021, 03:23 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by jopacr
Heyy just noticing a typo in one of the lines of the "ruleset.2da" file listed above; line 256. Not sure if it would be messing with the Overwhelming (not Overhwleming) Crit feat. I haven't noticed any bugs but just a heads up!

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