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01 October 2020, 17:56

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 on: 28 September 2020, 11:15 
Started by MissionFailed - Last post by GreyDeth
Nice and quite logical suggestions I guess - good one.

Only its up to -fire-  to also accept them ... and program them into mod.
Hope that he can make time for this.


 on: 28 September 2020, 04:08 
Started by MissionFailed - Last post by MissionFailed
1: Remove Class Race Restrictions - I'd like them removed so every race can enjoy them. Example: Human Dwarven Defenders; Half-Orc Arcane Archers; etc.

2: Unnerf Arcane Damage Shields - I'd like them to be stackable again. Pure wizard/sorcerer soloing is a pain in the butt at higher levels. It would balance it out a good bit. It's currently a headache to play pure mages.

3: Uncap/Raise Cap on Summons - I'd like to summon big groups. Not just summon 1 and it leaves if I summon another.

 on: 24 September 2020, 17:44 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by GreyDeth
Ha ... youre right ... there was also a big Warg lurking around near Lakthar ... gave me an Instigator's Warg head ... together with Lakthars head succeeds with completing quest (only 1000 XP ... but hey ... still nice if you are semi low level (low level (lower than lvl 12 or so, never gets you through this quest however)

Thnx for helping  Cheesy

 on: 23 September 2020, 23:15 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by bad_karma
Nah, shouldn't be hidden. Must have remembered it wrong then. I'll check it out when I am on next time.

 on: 23 September 2020, 22:20 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by GreyDeth
hmmmm I didnt see something like that down there ... but maybe hidden somewhere then ... I shall look into it ... thnx !

 on: 23 September 2020, 20:45 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by bad_karma
Is there not also a bigger warg to kill down there, that also provides a head?

 on: 23 September 2020, 17:58 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by GreyDeth
LOL  Grin

But seriously ... I definitely have the right head ... description says so ...
So I now really have no clue whatsoever ... did I miss something maybe? ... is killing Lakthar and picking up his head not the only thing I have to do?

 on: 23 September 2020, 08:46 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by bad_karma
Is that the new version of pulling a rabbit out of a hat? Pulling a head out of a mule... Pew!

 on: 23 September 2020, 05:39 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by MissionFailed
I did the quest a little while ago with no problem. Did you have the right head? A few heads use the same image. So, if you pulled the head from a mule, maybe you pulled the wrong one. If you just went and killed the guy, then I got nothing. Smiley

 on: 18 September 2020, 21:29 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by GreyDeth
There is a bug .... Sergeant Graknog in Minas Morgul ... wont let me give him lakthars head .... at least I get no option even if the head is in my possession ... weird !??

On his question: Have you stopped the raging Wargs?
My only answer I can give him is:
no, not yet ...

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