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13 December 2017, 21:40

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 on: Today at 21:24 
Started by hewett - Last post by -firecracker-
Hi and welcome back, hope you enjoy!

I may try and get online in the next few evenings and maybe over the weekend too.


 on: Today at 14:46 
Started by hewett - Last post by hewett
Just wanted to peak in to say hey to everyone. So hey everyone!

Hadn't given NWN much thought the past 10 years since I left, but through an odd reddit post I discovered that you guys were still going strong with the server - bloody awesome Smiley. So, the last couple of days I've been culling rebellious wargens, downing towering giants and stealing loot from the corpses of gravediggers near Osgilliath, and loving it all. Much has happened since I last played on this server, and I really look forward to trying my luck against some of the big baddies of Middle-Earth.

Hope to see some of you guys online! I'll be playing most evenings, especially weekends, (GMT+1 time) the next week or so.

Adios amigos

 on: Yesterday at 18:53 
Started by Wake of death - Last post by pinkpuff
Back in the day he played a toon called Pazuzu. I play Diablo 3 a lot now. A few months ago I came across a 'Monster named Pauzu! I finally got a clean kill on him!!!

Just a quick story about a heck of a player.

You killed me and I wasn't even there? That just seems wrong!

I play DDO a fair bit these days. Nice to see some peeps still around and kickin!

 on: 08 December 2017, 21:40 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by -firecracker-
I believe that transition only activates once something specific happens in Fangorn (like killing the bosses or something).

 on: 08 December 2017, 21:38 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by -firecracker-
Done - been a bit busy the last few weeks it slipped my mind.

 on: 08 December 2017, 21:35 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by -firecracker-
Server restarted - sorry been a bit of a crazy time last few weeks

 on: 08 December 2017, 09:56 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by MissionFailed
It's been a few weeks since last reset. Please reset the server.

 on: 08 December 2017, 07:56 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by bad_karma
Then it is probably smart to remove the area transition from the isenguard north area, because right now both the transition itself and the map pin are showing, which elicits expectations :-)

 on: 06 December 2017, 14:29 
Started by Sky - Last post by soulstler
Just seen this myself yesterday, which is on of the reasons I stopped by today. May have to install my Diamond edition and stop by the server. its been at least a couple of years.

 on: 03 December 2017, 18:55 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by Sky
The entrance to Fangorn Forest is north in Westemnet. Just like Fangorn Forest is old, so is the map of the server lying around on the forums  Grin

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