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04 April 2020, 17:18

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 on: 01 April 2020, 09:55 
Started by Zoltar_ - Last post by GreyDeth
Don't think thats possible (would be great, but alas) ... otherwise it was done ages ago ... now its still something only the hoster (me) must/can do

But you can always give me a hint with forum-message ...and after that, the communication goes via greydeth@hotmail.com ... there you can give me a list of toons I need to delete

 on: 30 March 2020, 20:14 
Started by Zoltar_ - Last post by Zoltar_
Can you enable the delete char option, with the merge I have a lot of toons even testing ones.

 on: 30 March 2020, 16:30 
Started by Clevar0ne - Last post by Clevar0ne
Thanks.  Good to be back.  I vaguely remember keeping toons at certain levels for PVP purposes, but was never much of a farmer.  Now the populace is lower, farming and exploring is what there is.  I had no idea just how broad this server is.  Nice job, 20yrs too late, to all you developers.  And Thanks!

 on: 30 March 2020, 08:50 
Started by Clevar0ne - Last post by GreyDeth
Welcome back !  Cheesy

(Not quite sure ... but I think:) No, the drop-changes given are always the same
I think what is meant is that there are a very few areas in this mod where youre toon is not allowed to enter at high level ... but at level 30 or so it is.

 on: 30 March 2020, 06:47 
Started by Clevar0ne - Last post by Zoltar_
I think yes, at least in not to high lvl enemies.

 on: 29 March 2020, 20:47 
Started by Clevar0ne - Last post by Clevar0ne
I'm just back to playing after many years, and read a few threads mentioning 'keeping my toon at level X for farming purposes'.  Do you have an increased chance of getting certain drops if you're lower level?  Say lvl 30 with Maynard/Kerlin vs. lvl 40.  Any info would be appreciated.

 on: 27 March 2020, 03:46 
Started by Zoltar_ - Last post by Zoltar_

 on: 26 March 2020, 17:43 
Started by Zoltar_ - Last post by GreyDeth
But then its never ever possible to play together anymore ...
Some Bosses are impossible to defeat alone ...

This also means the end of this forum .... with all kind of negative consequences, such as missing all the great info and also kills the possibility to ask questions.

I really understand youre need to play this great mod for ever .... but (if -fire- agrees) .. before I die I will give the mod to our community .... (btw -fire- has the mod also ... so he can release the mod too one day if he feels like it)

 on: 25 March 2020, 08:15 
Started by Zoltar_ - Last post by Zoltar_
Please, Greydeah release the file put in dropbox or something

 on: 13 January 2020, 20:17 
Started by Turril - Last post by GreyDeth
Hey Radagast and MissonFailed,
Server was running as normal .... but to be sure I did reboot the server again
(today standard reboot went automatically just like every mondaymorning)
I do see server in list and see everything is working fine .... R u 2 still having trouble??

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