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19 September 2018, 11:14

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 on: 08 September 2018, 16:14 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by GreyDeth
Refreshed   brushteeth

 on: 27 August 2018, 16:58 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by -firecracker-
Server restarted.

 on: 11 August 2018, 21:19 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by bad_karma
Nice! Haven't played for quite some time, because of vacation period and nice weather, but will come back for sure! Thanks fire!

 on: 11 August 2018, 12:49 
Started by bad_karma - Last post by -firecracker-
I've just pushed a minor update up so that when-ever the mod is restarted/loaded each faction starts off with a 200% XP bonus. No more DM intervension needed Evil

 on: 11 August 2018, 11:12 
Started by -firecracker- - Last post by -firecracker-

11th August 2018

[ Link to list ]

 on: 10 August 2018, 09:48 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by GreyDeth
Server restarted icon_salut

 on: 01 August 2018, 23:03 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by -firecracker-
Server restarted.

 on: 30 July 2018, 18:20 
Started by -firecracker- - Last post by -firecracker-
OK, I had a bit of spare time so I have finially completed the full map. The info and the link in the first post has been updated.

I have tried to group areas together in order to make it easier to follow and where possible directly connect maps together that naturally fit. The coloured connectors are for those longer distance transitions that don't naturally fit together.

Colour coding is as follows:

  • Green - regular two-way transition
  • Blue - one way transition
  • Red - hidden transition (e.g. trap door/hidden door) - don't necessarily point to correct spot on the map

If you see anything missing or not quite right give me a shout as it was a very manual process sleepy2


 on: 24 July 2018, 10:15 
Started by Turril - Last post by GreyDeth
No ... server is not down, but I'm on holiday for 2 weeks ... so worst case scenario: In case of a crash or something ...  I'm not able to repair the server this 2 weeks.
After these weeks  everything will be back to normal

So fingers crossed everyone and have fun! Grin

 on: 17 July 2018, 19:15 
Started by GreyDeth - Last post by GreyDeth
Server restarted
have fun again!  Grin

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