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Author Topic: 16 cleric/1 wizard/23 arcane archer  (Read 3974 times)
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« on: 30 July 2010, 02:31 »

So, earlier today when there was no one else online I decided to make me an archer toon build, since they're pretty useful, especially useful to have at least 1 when attacking BD/MM etc.
I documented the build as I leveled it up on the test module, and figured I might as well share it with the rest of you, so here goes:


16 cleric
1 wizard
23 arcane archer


Str: 14:14
Dex: 16:26
Con: 8:8
Int: 12:12
Wis: 14:16
Cha: 14:18

Domains: War and Travel. Travel is optional, as you can get haste casts on items, and you later end up with blinding speed at lvl 36.
I simply don't see anything else I'd rather have, and travel domain makes lower levels easier, and I can memorize 1 or 2 extend hastes,
if I feel a need to (a.k.a if i end up dying a lot, losing my haste buffs from blinding speed).


Divine Might: +10 divine damage
Divine Power: +2 ab and +2 attacks per round
Divine Favour: +5 ab and +5 magical damage
Battletide: +2 ab and +2 magical damage
Bless: +1 ab
Aid: +1 ab
Prayer: +1 ab and +1 slashing damage
War Domain: +4 ab, +4 bludgeoning damage

Total +damage from buffs:

+10 divine, +7 magical, +1 slashing, +4 bludgeoning

Total +AB from buffs:

+16, +5 from bow = +20 AB towards the cap self buffed


Leveling progression:

1  cleric       point blank shot
2  cleric
3  cleric        weapon focus: longbow
4  cleric        +wis
5  cleric
6  cleric        extend spell
7  cleric
8  cleric        +wis
9  cleric  (9)      blind fight
10 wizard  (1)
11 arcane archer
12 arcane archer   +dex, improved critical: longbow
13 arcane archer
14 arcane archer
15 arcane archer   power attack
16 arcane archer   +dex
17 arcane archer (7)
18 cleric    (10)   divine might
19 arcane archer
20 arcane archer (9)   +dex
21 cleric    (11)   epic weapon focus: longbow
22 arcane archer
23 arcane archer
24 arcane archer   +cha, epic prowess
25 arcane archer
26 arcane archer   great dexterity I   
27 arcane archer   great dexterity II
28 arcane archer   +cha
29 arcane archer
30 arcane archer   great dexterity III, great dexterity IV
31 arcane archer
32 arcane archer    +cha
33 arcane archer   great dexterity V
34 arcane archer (22)   great dexterity VI
35 cleric
36 cleric      +cha, blinding speed
37 cleric
38 cleric
39 cleric    (16)   rapid shot
40 arcane archer (23)   +dex


Quick note regarding taking rapid shot at lvl 39. I decided to trade off 1 ab (from 2x great dexterity instead of blindign speed + rapid shot)
as i'd prefer to memorize a bunch of extended battletides (and I don't plan on stocking up on +wis gear for spell slots), rather than memorizing extended hastes,
that last shorter than blinding speed, and can be dispelled. Also, rapid shot is nice for killing stuff faster (+1 attack per round vs 2 ab, 1 attack wins hands down, especially when
i still get 73 AB buffed at lvl 40 with rapid shot active).



+43 Heal
+43 Listen
+43 Spot
+20 tumble
+3 search/whatever (i like to carry some +search gear on all my toons so i can find most secret doors/portals without having to rely on others)

unbuffed AB with mundane longbow: 55 +5 (from weapon) +15 (from buffs) = 73-75 AB (depending on wether or not rapid shot is enabled

7-8 attacks per round when fully bufed (haste, divine power and depending on wether or not rapid shot is enabled)

damage: 1-8 +12 piercing, +4 bludgeoning, +1 slashing, +7 magical, +10 divine = 35-42 damage per hit, 105-126 per crit (before resistances) with regular mundane arrows (no damage bonus)
possibility for up to +8 extra damage from mighty (if +12 str from items/buffs) + whatever extra massive crits/damage bonus on arrows.

total buffed HP at 40: 500ish
buffed ac: 52ish

This is by far not a solo build. It's primarily for sieging other cities (BD, MM etc, places where archers are in places you can't get to as a melee, and sorcs need to unload all
their spells to kill one group of NPCs). Can also be used for defending your own cities vs sieges (by standing on the wall and shooting people).

Enjoy, and feel free to comment.

It's not paranoia if someone's out to get you!
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« Reply #1 on: 30 July 2010, 12:17 »

Seems the old cleric class is non existant and the moment.. used to be the most popular beforel the wipe.

Maybe a zen cleric archer would be better with a lvl or 2 of sd and monk. The buffs would be good and you can take wis as the clerics bonus feats. Need to test it out though Smiley.

Be good for party buffs and DC on spells would be good to as well as a decent ac/ab. 

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« Reply #2 on: 30 July 2010, 19:09 »

Seems the old cleric class is non existant and the moment.. used to be the most popular beforel the wipe.

I agree. Clerics have always been the harder class to play, due to dispel and long buff time, but the reward for this was the slight upper hand in melee. But now all those buffs are a little meaningless when it is very easy to build and play a full BAB 70something ab barbarian that has a sequencer robe and his rages.

WoF got nerfed, but divine power is pretty neat now, but still requires 35 levels of cleric and 30 charima to get the best out of it, pretty expensive when you compare it to other feats.

They still make good dragon or archer builds, but yeh they've kind of lost their way for melee builds.
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« Reply #3 on: 31 July 2010, 06:42 »

With regards to the original build posted here, I suggest going zen & cranking up Wis. you'll have many more spell slots, enough to buff up some of your party members if needed. Hi dex AC without uncanny dodge is pointless imo.

My toon (Aluviel) is slightly different, i didnt take rapid shot which is a great idea, even w/ the req'd 13 Dex. So she has 8 base dex & wears hvy plate (but should have). I took CC & ICC, probably thinking i would get disrupted by melee/spells/other archers a lot while rebuffing. It probably helps but is one of those combat stats i really dont watch heh.

The closer you are to danger, the further you are from harm. - J.R.R. Tolkien
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« Reply #4 on: 31 July 2010, 15:36 »

I'll try an alternative build with wis instead of dex later on a test module, but I'm not sure if the AB will be as good, since AA doesn't get great wisdom (as far as i know, at least) as bonus epic feat.
Guess I'll find out later.

It's not paranoia if someone's out to get you!
Wake of death
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« Reply #5 on: 31 July 2010, 19:01 »

AAs only get Great Dex. As far as this type of bonus feat.

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« Reply #6 on: 31 July 2010, 21:57 »

Hmm, then I'm guessing I'd lose a few AB from going wis focused build.

It's not paranoia if someone's out to get you!
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