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Author Topic: Elf Bard 16 AA 19 HS 5  (Read 4037 times)
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« on: 12 September 2011, 03:25 »

Bard 16/HS 5/AA 19
(Bard10/AA10 (or 12/8) pre-epic, and take Bard at level 40)
Str 12
Dex 18+10 points from leveling+6 Great Dex
Con 8
Int 14
Wis 8
Cha 15

1 Lingering Song
3 Weapon Focus Longbow
6 Curse Song
9 Point Blank Shot
12 Improved Crit Longbow
15 Blind Fight
18 Alertness
21 Iron Will
24 Epic Weapon Focus Longbow
27 Epic Prowess
30 Extend Spell
33 Armor Skin
36  Great Dex
39  Great Dex
HS 1 Great Dex
HS 5 Great Dex
AA 14 Great Dex
AA 18 Great Dex

Disc 43
Spellcraft 43
Spot 42
Heal Anything leftover
Tumble 40
UMD 29
Perform 8 (with +2 cha mod and switching to two +10 perform weapons hits 30 perform for bard 16 song/curse)
Lore 6
Persuade 8
Search 4

AB: 27 bab+4 feats(wf/ewf/ep)+5 bow+5 hs pot+10 AA+18 dex+1 point blank shot+2 bard song=72+2 bless/aid+1 premonition from amulet+2 warcry=77 AB

AC: 10 base+2 armor skin+8 tumble+18 dex mod+6 robes+6 ring+6 ammy+20 dodge cap(8 HS pot+5 bard song+4 boots+4 haste is 1 over cap)=76 AC

1d8+7 mighty bow+10 AA enhancement arrow+3 bard song+2 warcry+5 magic HS pot+arrow

Tweaked it a little. No Xp penalty which is nice. And you can take HS from level 21-25, so you don't have to wait til 37 to use the pots like a lot of Harper Scout builds. Feats aren't in any particular order
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« Reply #1 on: 18 November 2011, 02:23 »

Good build, surprised there hasn't been any replies.
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« Reply #2 on: 16 December 2013, 10:24 »

Been trawling the forums, decided to check up on archer builds, saw this....decided it could be improved a little.

First point - maybe it's just me, but I feel that when taking any dex-based class (definitely this) you should take blinding speed.
It's 50 rounds of uninterruptable, undispellable haste, twice per day. Save your bard spells for the other peons. (I would drop Armour Skin for that feat, since you won't miss the 2 ac as much as you would miss the 1 ab/ac from losing two Great Dex, and nothing else can really be dropped).

I was going to suggest listen over spot, but to be honest the chances of either making much difference outside of PvP are slim, and in general spot is the more useful option (because it renders enemies fully visible, not just partly). Clairaudience/Clairvoiance is a good spell because it gives a bonus to both - it's just a shame amplify only amplifies the caster's sense of hearing, not their other senses (though you would think if it did that they would develop a vulnerability to sound...a future spell change, perhaps?).

I know I write long posts, but you would think if something was important there would be a lot to say about it, no?
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