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Author Topic: Human : Wizard 26 / Fighter 14 (Quartermaster)  (Read 4661 times)
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« on: 21 June 2012, 01:35 »

Race : Human
Classes : Wizard 26 / Fighter 14
Alignment : Any Any

My example : Bariah - The Morgul Quartermaster

School of Magic : Generalist
2 Spell Schools : Divination, Transmutation

Ability scores
STR : 18 [30]
DEX : 8
CON : 12
WIS : 8
INT : 16 [19]
CHA : 8

Level progression
01    Wizard [1]      Spell Focus Divination, Extend Spell*
02    Wizard [2]
03    Wizard [3]      Spell Focus Transmutation
04    Wizard [4]                           STR+1 = 19
05    Wizard [5]      Greater Spell Focus Divination*
06    Wizard [6]       Greater Spell Focus Transmutation
07    Wizard [7]
08    Fighter [1]      Weapon Focus Quarterstaff*                  STR+1 = 20
09    Fighter [2]       Great Fortitude, Blind Fight*
10    Fighter [3]
11    Fighter [4]      Weapon Specialisation*
12    Fighter [5]       Iron Will                      STR+1 = 21
13    Fighter [6]       Improved Critical Quarterstaff*
14    Fighter [7]
15    Fighter [8]      Lightning Reflexes, Expertise*
16    Fighter [9]                           STR+1 = 22
17    Fighter [10]   Improved Expertise*
18    Fighter [11]   Toughness
19    Fighter [12]   Knockdown*
20    Fighter [13]                        STR+1 = 23
21    Wizard [8]     Epic Weapon Focus Quarterstaff
22    Wizard [9]      
23    Wizard [10]      Great Intelligence I = 17*
24    Wizard [11]      Epic Prowess                  STR+1 = 24
25    Wizard [12]   
26    Wizard [13]   
27    Wizard [14]    Armor Skin
28    Wizard [15]      Great Intelligence II = 18*               STR+1 = 25
29    Wizard [16]
30    Wizard [17]      Great Strength I = 26
31    Wizard [18]   
32    Wizard [19]                           INT+1 = 19
33    Wizard [20]      Epic Spell Focus Divination, Epic Spell Focus Transmutation*
34    Wizard [21]   
35    Wizard [22]   
36    Wizard [23]      Great Strength II = 27, Epic Spell Epic Mage Armor*         STR+1 = 28
37    Wizard [24]
38    Wizard [25]
39    Fighter [14]    Great Strength III = 29, Epic Weapon Specialisation*
40    Wizard [26]      Epic Spell Epic Warding*               STR+1 = 30

* = class bonus feat

Skill points
Discipline : 42
Heal : 43
Concentration : 43
Spell Craft : 43
Tumble : 20
Open Lock : 21
Search : 8
Left Over : 1

Misc info
AB with max STR, Premonition spell (+3 from Epic Spell Focus Divination) and Tensers Transformation spell is 66 - I think this hits the +20 AB cap.

AC with suggested gear, Mage Armor spell, Premonition spell and Epic Mage Armor spell is around the mid 60s. I took Improved Expertise just because of available feats and can sometimes be just enough for tanking some mobs if tank is busy elsewhere.

Blackstaff Bane effect : 26 wiz levels + 15 + 20 (Epic Spell Focus Transmutation) = 61% elemental vulnerability to target on-hit.

Unfortunately you can't get the quarterstaff parry bonus for this build as you need ranger or rogue levels. I don't see any way of squeezing epic divination and epic transmutation focuses in a ranger/rogue wizard build without compromising either the AB or without starving the feats - kind of a shame for blackstaff toons. If this were to ever change then dump open lock for parry (42 skill points at final fighter level).

Gear Guide
Quarterstaff : Melkor Discipline - sure its a tough drop to get but the Windstorm or drop from Radagast is not bad in the mean time.

Armor: Corroded branded mail - Baragor drop - so you can cast spells in full plate without needing to take still spell (feat starved for that). Use some robe like soldier uniform from Osgilliath in the mean time.

Cloak: Cloak of the Dark Arts - default cloak for wizard tensers build.

Other: Amulet of Foresworn.

Old stuff
Here is another build...pretty simple really and an effective party toon...

OK, I originally made a dwarf blackstaff diviniation (for premonition) based quarterstaff guy well before the changes to blackstaff - he was WM based, but recently de-levelled him to build one that focused in the transmutation school, as well as divination, to make max use of the changes to blackstaff. And for anyone new - this build uses the tensers transformation spell (read about the changes on the sign in the mad wizards pocket on the server).
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« Reply #1 on: 09 October 2012, 15:00 »

You forgot to take critical focus preepic.
My version of the blackstaff build is wiz 32 wm 7 bard 1.
I will summarized it later but keys are 32 wiz for +6 weapon modifier, bard at level 39 to max tumble/disc /umd, 4-5 point in perform for +1 ab from song, and armor proficiency.

I have noticed a bug if you call blackstaff spell twice, weapon modifier is removed on second call if the first isnt elapsed (if your ab is 55 with 32 wiz level, call blackstaff = 56 ab, call blackstaff = 50 ab).


ash nazg durbatuluk,
ash nazg gimbatul,
ash nasg thrakatuluk,
agh burzum ishi krimpatul
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« Reply #2 on: 09 October 2012, 19:04 »

Improved critical is at level 13.
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« Reply #3 on: 20 November 2012, 10:58 »

This looks like a fun versatile build and since I wanted to make a Wizard anyway, and because I had some spare stuff lying around (Elven War Helm, Narchost Cape, Fallen Lord Robe, Ring, Boots and Belt) I will go with a WM build and make it a twink since it has dodge/mobility already, thank you Mr. Kessroth.  Grin

FC one question, why did you pick 3 feats for +2 on saves?
With power attack/cleave/gr cleave you could hit some mobs a lot quicker.
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Keep'em rollin'
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« Reply #4 on: 01 March 2013, 18:41 »

FC one question, why did you pick 3 feats for +2 on saves?
With power attack/cleave/gr cleave you could hit some mobs a lot quicker.

Heh, only just seen the question Tongue

Great cleave is a free attack on a new opponent when some other target has just been killed, which just stacks? I am not convinced that when raiding in high level areas and NPCs have a lot of hp that great cleave is worth it. Does it not require a 1-hit-to-kill for it to be really effective (I always assumed it was geared towards toons with devastating crit)?

It is probably more useful for leveling, but as there are quite a few high level caster NPCs out there, any bump to saves is worth it.
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« Reply #5 on: 01 March 2013, 23:08 »

Cleave means that you can have ONE bonus attack per round, granted due to killing an enemy. So if you normally get 7 APR, you instead get 8 with cleave as long as you kill someone at some point during the round - you have to wait until the next round to get another though, even if you get a second kill.
Great Cleave simply removes the restriction on the number of bonus attacks due to kills. It's fantastic when it comes to clearing large weaker mobs, because it basically puts you up to 12 APR as long as you keep killing things.
You're kinda right about it being geared towards dev-crit, but even with that disabled some straight-up power builds find it worthwhile (those who can approach dev-crit levels of death-dealing without the actual feat - like my scythe user on Mordor), or those with tons of feats to spare like the Ftr/Wm/Hs build Sest designed (which prompted a million more specialised variations, none of which are quite as useful ^_^). You're probably better off with your bonus saves though, since it's the nice on-hit effects of blackstaff that you use, rather than pure power.

I know I write long posts, but you would think if something was important there would be a lot to say about it, no?
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