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Author Topic: Sorcerer 35 / 3 Paladin / 2 Rogue, "Evoker"  (Read 2082 times)
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« on: 06 November 2012, 21:02 »

A little remake of my sorcerer I made, using the same base idea of endless's 35/3/2. It's a sorceress specialized into evocation, inspired by the awesome changes made by Terror.

Level-Up order:
20 sorcerer / 1 Pally / 1 Rogue / 9 Sorcecer / 1 Pally / 5 Sorcerer / 1 Rogue / 1 Pally / 1 Sorcerer

Dump Discipline on pally levels, tumble/umd/search on rest

Max Concentration, Discipline, Tumble, Heal
Spellcraft 35
UMD 10-20
Rest I put in Search (because I like to know where I am stepping).

Pre-Epic Feats:
Power Attack, Extend, Empower, Maximize, Extend, Still, Spell Focus/Greater Spell Focus, Combat Casting

Epic Feats:
Epic Spell Focus, Improved Combat casting, Auto Still x3, Epic Mage Armor, Epic Warding, Great Cha x2, Armor Skin, Divine Shield (Pally 3 at lvl 39), Epic Spell: Hellball (Coolest spell in game imho and makes a perfect evoker's signature)

Spell notes:
1: Ironguts for venom immunity, Shield for IGMS and ILMS immunity
2: Geedle's Eletric Loop now gives stun, nice CC
3: Lightning Bolt +5 DC for around 38 DC and 16d6 maxed damage.
    Scintalling Sphere: Basically an area Chain Lightning, 120 damage. Full PvP
4: ILMS is doing a fair damage now.
5: Cone of Cold
6: Globe of Invulnerability: makes you immune to your own Ice Storms and also prevents some secondary    effects from some altered spells.
    IGMS: With Evo focus it's doing good damage against resistant mobs, substituing your now weak horrids.
7: Great Thunderclap: enemies makes 2 high saves and stay disabled for around 2 rounds . It's full PvP though
    Delayed Blast Fireball: Empowered does Ludriculous damage.
8: Sunburst: as endless said, permablind effect and its PvE
    Incendiary Cloud: Ludriculous DoT damage with Evo Focus. Fire damage though.
9: Crushing Hand: the high clvl and evo focus makes this spell good, although many things are immune.
    Meteor Swarm: Might substitute DBF at high lvl? Not sure yet.
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« Reply #1 on: 16 November 2012, 07:50 »

With epic necro focus, the Negative Energy Burst spell empowered does a huge amount of dmg.
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