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Author Topic: Gnome: Wizard 23 / Druid 5 / Shifter 12 (Spectre)  (Read 1843 times)
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« on: 02 February 2015, 23:39 »

I guess me and FC both got the same request, here is how I did my Spectre, not much different aside I went 23 wizard to grab the Epic Spells: Epic Mage Armor & Epic Warding and took Epic Spell Focus Abjuration for longer lasting buffs and damage absorption.

Layout: Gnome Wizard 23 / Druid 5 / Shifter 12 (Spectre Focus)

Race: Gnome - mainly for the +2 concentration skill bonus & make CON easier to pump, as well as favored class being Wizard for multiclassing, though not much leveling is done out of other shapes.

Starting Stats
Str: 6
Dex: 8
Con: 14
Wisdom: 18 (27)
Int: 16 (20)
Cha: 8

01 Wizard (Generalist Wizard), Feat: Alertness
02 Druid
03 Druid, Feat: Blind Fight
04 Druid, +1 Wisdom
05 Druid
06 Druid, Feat: Spell Focus: Necromancy
07 Shifter
08 Shifter +1 Wisdom
09 Shifter, Feat: Greater Spell Focus: Necromancy
10 Shifter
11 Shifter
12 Shifter, Feat: Extend Spell, +1 Wisdom
13 Shifter
14 Shifter
15 Wizard, Feat: Spell Focus: Abjuration
16 Shifter +1 Wisdom
17 Wizard
18 Wizard, Feat: Greater Spell Focus: Abjuration
19 Wizard, Wizard (5) Bonus Feat: Empower Spell,
20 Wizard +1 Wisdom
21 Shifter, Feat: Undead Shape
22 Wizard
23 Wizard
24 Wizard, Feat: Great Wisdom 1, +1 Wisdom (26 Wisdom)
25 Wizard, Wizard (10) Bonus Feat: Geat Intelligence 1
26 Wizard
27 Shifter, Feat: Outsider Shape
28 Wizard +1 Wisdom
29 Wizard
30 Wizard, Feat: Epic Skill Focus: Concentration  
31 Wizard, Wizard (15) Bonus Feat: Great Intelligence 2
32 Wizard +1 Int (17 Wizard, 19 Intelligence: Opens up Epic Spell Focuses)
33 Wizard, Feat: Epic Spell Focus Necromany
34 Wizard
35 Wizard
36 Shifter, +1 Wisdom (27 Wisdom), Feat Golem Shape
37 Wizard, Wizard (20) Bonus Feat: Epic Spell Focus Abjuration
38 Wizard
39 Wizard, Feat: Epic Spell: Epic Mage Armor
40 Wizard +1 Int (20 Intelligence), Wizard (23) Epic Bonus Feat: Epic Spell: Epic Warding

Discipline 0, You won't need discipline! Spectre has Immunity: Knockdown ;) and he's unarmed!
Concentration 43, Spellcraft 43, Cross-Class: Tumble 20
The rest is up to you, examples:
If you wish to use the Spectre's HIPS ability (Spectre also has Invisibility unlimited x per day):
Hide 39 (Max on Shifter Level 12 @ 36) and possibly Cross-Class: Move Silently (19-20)
Druid Spells: Camoflage & One with the Land help with this +14 Hide & +4 Move Silently collectively
The rest of your skill points could possibly go into Listen 39 or Spot 39 (Max on Shifter Level 12 @ 36)
Though I prefer Cross-Class: Search 23 and Appraise 23 for hidden doors and more gold.

Select mainly buffs as during battle deshifting to try some brazen attack with a spell like Ray of Enfeeblement might get you knocked down and wiped out rather quickly. Definitely grab all the Abjuration buffs if you choose to use Abjuration as a second spell focus like: Energy Buffer, Globe of Invulnerability, Spell Mantles, and Stoneskin as these will be greatly empowered, don't forget to give your party members some Protection from Elements and Stoneskin either since they will be the few Abjuration buff's not self-only. Oh, and of course Acid Sheath and Elemental Shield to give the enemy something to think about while they bash on you as you heal yourself about an average of 140-160hp per combat round.

Epic Mage Armor Boosts my AC from 65 to 72 (with full buffs)

Epic Warding provides some extra damage buffer for when I'm taking an initial mob or wearing out a boss with Extended Acid Sheath or Elemental Shield.

Empower Spell Slotted: Negative Energy Burst (unlimited casting in Spectre form), Fox's Cunning, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Endurance

Extend Spell Slotted: Mass Haste for Iron Golem Shape (it does seem to effect duration with this shape, I might have to test it more but it lasts a LONG time with only 12 shifter levels)

High Concentration is a MUST for this shape, the feat helps and you will need Items to boost it further, I think in the upwards of 80+ in Concentration via item buffs is a good call.

You will preferably want to make this a Mordor toon as most bosses on Mordor's side are either immune to negative energy or Necromancy in general or Undead themselves. You could always play support of your favorite Mordor undead boss if he's under attack by healing him constantly Cheesy

Your going to want Concentration & Damage Reduction Items, Shifter has an inherent -5/cold & electricity so only +10s will stack there, all physical damage types Slashing/Bludgeoning/Piercing to -10/ if possible but anything is great and try to find something with -10/Divine if its out there ;)

Why go Outsider Shape: RAKHASA it will come in handy on quite a few occasions when an NPC or Player has buffed Negative Energy Protection or Shadow Shield to block your pleasant assault of Empowered Negative Energy Bursts, and Rakhasa will answer this with unlimited casts of Greater Spell Breach as well as spell immunity to all spells level 8 and below, not to mention unlimited Ice Storms and Mestill's Acid Breath which you can empower and spam unlimited times as well, I believe the Empowered Ice Storm on this build does in upwards of 100+ in combined damage more often than not. I find it a better method than shifting to your plain ole regular self to cast a Greater Spell Breach or Mords.

Why go Golem Shape: Uber terrific Iron Golem's Mass Haste which you will be using extend spell to bring to even more epic lengths.

Weaknesses: Dispells, 23 Caster levels helps some but everything and it's grandmother seems to have Dispell or Breach and it will get you, you can always HIPS or use your inherent Invisibility spell Spectra has to get away to rebuff, they usually only throw a Dispell at you once before beginning their other spells or attacks. I always load 2-3 of each of my buffs in spell slots to keep this problem at bay.

With the variation posted by FC on this thread you could avoid having your Improved Invisibility dispelled more with the Epic Kobold Shape at Shifter 17 and do about 3d6 more damage with Negative Energy Bursts, I believe mine average around 78-90dmg per burst, you might top over 100 sometimes with his variation. More than one way to skin a cat and definitely more than 2 ways to build a Spectre. Cleric could also be used though the buffs don't match the Wizard, and could always go Druid 17/Shifter17/Monk6 or some variation thereof though you wont be able to empower your Negative Energy bursts, you could although MAX Hide and Move Silently, and move a bit quicker with more attacks and ?possibly? have higher AC. I haven't tested the damage of bursts on a straight druid5/monk6/Shifter29 with Greater Spell Focus Necromancy, so who knows...
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« Reply #1 on: 03 February 2015, 00:23 »

Thank u a lot buddy. Loved the part of beeing support of my favorite Mordor boss lol
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