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Author Topic: Suggestions - Drops  (Read 623 times)
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« on: 05 February 2015, 22:41 »

1. Raising the drop rate

Suggestion to increase the drop rate to keep new and established players' interest.

My response:
I have just opened up the script that handles drops and the rewards are as follows:
Low CR = 750 (7.5%)
Low Mid CR = 500 (5%)
High Mid CR = 325 (3.25%)
High CR = 175 (1.75%)

I like Chaoz's idea of upping the base rate of the High CR rolls to 3.5% and by another 0.5% per team member. It is pretty much doubling the current setup and doesn't make it extreme enabling the server to be farmed within a couple of months. What about the lower CR NPCs - they would also need upping inline.

2. Drop Rate Crystal Recharging

Suggestion is with so little pvp how about some other ways to charge it, like the killing of Gondor or Mordor alligned boss giving it 125 points to use on the next boss and so on, as well as 125-250 for an opposing faction player still giving the crystal a max charge of 500-750 and only the ability to add 250 to a drop rate. Also a global faction rate increase for the faction that has control of Osgiliath and The Keep to say another 125 points each. This would actually promote more PVP and battle for territories there giving more player interaction. So then theoretically if we had a base drop rate of 500 + 125 for each controlled territory (250 max) + 125 for each faction boss & 125-250 for each faction player kill with a maximum of 250 we can use per boss on crystal we could have an effective drop rate we would have to work for resulting in a max of 1000 or 10%. I don't think any player would say this is too much or a bad idea and hope it gets considered.

My response:
I think implementing one of these changes would be practical - all would be extreme (e.g. drops would just become too easy to come by). I need to have a think about what would work best (e.g. in group raids vs individual farmers). The idea around the Outpost/Osgilliath is quite cool to promote more PvP with a real time reward for which ever faction controls them.

Share your thoughts below.
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Characters on GvM²
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« Reply #1 on: 04 July 2016, 14:51 »

Raising the drop rates would help a lot because, let's be real, the mod is damn hard. After years and years of the devs purposely trying to outwit players it's left the mod with an impossibly long learning curve. Not your fault and not much can be done about that though.

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