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Author Topic: Ranger 33 / SD 2 / HS 5  (Read 663 times)
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« on: 31 December 2019, 20:44 »

I know this isn't top boss killer (but soloing what is?) but i'm hoping it makes a decent mid-high range farmer but i havent tested it yet.

Race: Brownie (hide, ms bonus and 1 AC) also get Dodge/Weapon Finesse/Imp Initative feats for free! Alignment whatever you want I just go nutreal to avoid smites.

Stats    Start Wis 16 Con 10 Int 16 Dex 23 Chr 13 Str 10

Chr cant be changed 16 Wis gives an extra spell or two and I like my Skill points so I took 16 Int but you can take wis and int down to 14 and put them where you want.

01: Ranger(1) Alertness *Fav Enemy
02: Ranger(2)
03: Ranger(3) Weapon Focus
04: Ranger(4) (Dex=24)
05: Ranger(5) *Fav Enemy
06: Ranger(6) Mobility
07: Ranger(7)
08: Ranger(Cool WIS+1, (Dex=25)
09: Ranger(9) Spell Focus: Transmutation
10: Ranger(10)*Great Spell Focus Transmutation
11: Ranger(11)
12: Ranger(12) Mobility, (Dex=26)
13: Ranger(13)
14: Ranger(14)
15: Ranger(15) *Fav Enemy, Stealthy
16: Ranger(16) (Dex=27)
17: Ranger(17)
18: Ranger(18) Blind Fighting (you get keen sense feat on relog for Ranger)
19: Ranger(19)
20: Ranger(20) (Dex=28)** put 4 Disc, 6 lore and 4 search for HS and top up Hide, MS and annoying cross class 5 in tumble
21: ShadowD(1) Armour Skin **Top up on Tumble and put 8 in persuade for HS.

At this point you can pretty much level as you want but i would leave the last level as Ranger to top your Hide M/S and Parry (and Disc if you want it). Remember HS gets you a free Feat at 1 and 5 which I used for ESF Hide and MS although you can put a couple of Great Dexes in there if you want.

22: Harper(1) *Epic Skill Hide
23: Ranger(21)
24: Ranger(22) Great Dex (Dex=30)
25: Ranger(23) *Epic Weap Focus
26: Ranger(24)
27: Harper(2)  Great Dex (Dex=31)
28: Ranger(25) *Weapon Prowless(Dex=32)
29: Ranger(26) *Bane of Enemies
30: Ranger(27) Great Dex (Dex 33)
31: Ranger(28)
32: Harper(3) (Dex=34)
33: Ranger(29) Great Dex (Dex 35) *Blinding Speed
34: Ranger(30) *Fav Enemy
35: Ranger(31)
36: Ranger(32) Great Dex (Dex=37) *Fav Enemy **Top up Parry
37: Harper(4)
38: Harper(5) *Epic Skill MS
39: Shadow(28) Epic Skill Parry (Max Tumble)
40: Ranger(33): (Dex=38) Max Disc, MS, Hide, Parry you have 68 points to put where you want, I went Set traps and Search.

**You could take the harper earlier but you dont want to be using 250 xp a time to make potions before you get to lvl 40 anyway.

You could do 25 Ranger and 10 SD for epic dodge for more defence and less attack but i think this is a nice balance.

These stats are from the builder test area +5/6 kit and those +7 robes maxing on dex.

No Buffs = AC 74, AB 58 (Hide 76, MS 75)
Fully buffed with potions and spells in builder

AC 86 AB 62 (2d10 Magic 6 times if you hit every time and it multiples with crit) (Hide 106, MS 85 remember thats without kit) 60 with a bow but you only get the HS +5 magical on that.

I would be hopeful with some decent kit for higher scores on damage and Hide/MS skills and i'm sure some of my defensive capablilities could be better worked out.


I went with daggers because there are a few decent ones to be had and nobody uses them but also they have a 19-20 crit range so you want couple of keen ones and but also they are tiny so i think it helps with the duel wielding penalty cos your small, Kurkis are also a viable option you could drop stealthy and take an early exotic weapon feat for an 18-20 crit range but i think there is less of a choice of them. (+2 AB to the above if you use one only) Thankfully the blade thirst spells magical damage multiplies on a crit.

I went the transmutation route for the buffs to various hide spells, you could sacrifice them, pity i couldn't get greater spell focus.

So there you are, I will post an update on lvling and how i get on in various areas.

Happy New Year - Rabbac aka radagast aka Masterthief and probably a couple more!

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« Reply #1 on: 02 January 2020, 18:44 »

Did you test the ab in the combat log? Because I am very certain you should be getting higher ab than 62 when dualwielding with max parry with that build!
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« Reply #2 on: 18 May 2020, 04:49 »

Is that brownie race (and the other, cannot remember the name) now allowed? I'm pretty sure it wasn't before EE. They have some imba starting stats, right?
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« Reply #3 on: 18 May 2020, 20:27 »

Both Brownie and Wemic are available races on the server, due to EE and CEP.  Pls don't nerf them..They have extreme bonuses and penalties; probably a bit imbalanced, but fun.  And there are only like 4 players left.

Wemic is large, can wield a scythe with a shield, but doesn't get the 1.5X benefit from STR if they two-hand the weapon (no shield).  They're also big so there's more to love when fighting mobs (everyone gets a whack).  There's more but you get the picture.

Brownie is tiny, so scimitar is 2 hander to them.  Tons of weapons are out, of course.  They'd be fun sneakers but since PVP is non-existent, nobody's gettin' hurt.

And as far as imbalance against PVM, the server bosses (cool areas with cool drops...) are built for large parties of well-equipped vets running specialized toons.  Which no longer exists...so I think Aragorn, the Witch King, and the Balrog are safe from Wemics and Brownies. 

And there's always the primordial hobbits..........  Someone please, before I die, tell me how to even damage that thing. 

Also, you cant really check your AC in the test area because nothing can hit you except on a 20, and your character sheet is just about always wrong as far as I can tell from playing in the server.  Also-also, if you fight against most bosses that melee, until your AC is over 90 they'll only miss on a 1 (over 90, they'll miss on a ....4??).  you could sneak up on them.....but you cant sneak up on them either.  Plus, if you build a toon with AC WAY up there, you cant damage anything, so unless the boss commits suicide in frustration, don't bother making a tank anymore.

Pls don't take this as a complaint.  Just trying to get the 4 of us to laugh.

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Characters on GvM²
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« Reply #4 on: 23 May 2020, 22:42 »

I don't want to change a thing Grin hell, maybe i'll even go over some old builds i was trying out to see if i can make them work with those new races!

Still hope to see you guys on. Probably I'll be online for some hrs tomorrow..
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