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Author Topic: Haradrim Bosses  (Read 83 times)
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« on: 11 May 2020, 22:29 »

Bosses -
Haradrim Inquisitor
2 Haradrim Elders
Black Serpent Avatar

Used a shifter dragon and tried it 5-6 times.  Tried to lure some to cull the herd before the big bosses, but they always get involved and hurl spells from a distance while you're in melee, so I gave up.  The way that worked was to charge in at full buff and try to melee kill the Inquisitor while everyone is going through their 'buffing' sequence.  Once he's dead, I dropped into improved expertise and used breath weapon to kill the herd.  Id drop out of improved expertise to melee the Elders to death - do it too early and everyone heals them and themselves; I let them use their heals on the guys I was hitting with breath weapon.  

Needed to stop offence and fully heal myself with cure critical wounds potions maybe 8 times before killing all but the Avatar.

The Avatar took me over an hour AFTER everyone else was dead.  I ran out and rebuffed to see if I could melee him; not really.  Ended up using blue dragon breath weapon in improved expertise doing maybe 30-50 HP damage per round.  Took FOREVER.  He was able to damage me well enough that I needed to run out and rebuff 2X, and fully heal myself with potions another 6-8 times.  

Of the 4 real bosses, they have 14 total drops.  I got the quest drop (turn in to Faramir) and what I think is belt to the monk set.  

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