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Author Topic: Henneth Bosses  (Read 61 times)
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« on: 11 May 2020, 22:50 »

Bosses -
Gondor Commander
Dragon Hunter
War Priestess
(but don't forget the Peacekeeper, 6-8 Rangers, and Battle Priestesses)

Again used shifter dragon because this is a 99% solo mod (now a fact) that was modified heavily to force   party play, so unless you have super gear from 15 yrs ago or DM privileges, I don't see how you can fight any of the tougher areas without a dragon.
 I've got hitters, I've got 2 Barbarian/Bard/PMs, and a sorc/pally/rogue, and they cant hold up to any area where multiple bosses or high level mob/defenders can get at you (and forget the cities, Rivendell, or Barad Dur).

Stay invisible AND sneak (or GS if you have it) to the north west storage rooms.  Go into the room and close both doors. 

Kill the rangers before anything else can follow you into the rooms.  Then block the doorway and fight them as they come.  If you got in and weren't followed, then sneak out and draw a few at a time.  If you get the peacekeeper and battle priestesses with the bosses at the same time, just stop fighting and let them kill you.  They'll heal everything until your buffs wear out and eventually tear you apart.  The peacekeeper is worse than the bosses. 

Succeeded in clearing out the area 4 times (out of 8 tries, but my success rate is improving).  Only drop I got that wasn't regular gear (lesser restoration potions after all that work!!) was the Dragon Hunter's armor.  Its very good, but fighter only.  So unless I can come up with a fighter shifter/dragon build (hahahahahah).

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