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Author Topic: Human - Sorcerer 26 / Blackguard 4 / Pale Master 10 by Supabastid  (Read 3326 times)
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« on: 16 August 2008, 05:48 »

human sorc 26/BG 4/PM 10, any evil alignment

Ability Scores:
STR 13
CON 16
INT 10
CHA 17->30

Level progression:
lvl 1-12 sorc
lvl 13-15 BG
lvl 16-23 sorc
lvl 24-33 PM
lvl 34-39 sorc
lvl 40 BG

Pre-epic feats:*
Extend Spell
Empower Spell
Maximize Spell
Power Attack
Divine Shield
Still Spell
*in recommended order. Necessary is power attack/cleave taken by lvl 12, divine shield taken on lvl 15

Epic Feats:
21 Great CHA I
24 Epic Spell: Mummy Dust
27 Auto Still Spell I
30 Auto Still Spell II
33 Auto Still Spell III
36 Epic Warding*
36 Great CHA II
39 Armor Skin
39 Great CHA III*
*epic sorcerer bonus feat

Ability Increases:
All to CHA
Skill points: 129
5 points in Hide (cross-class). Maximize Concentration, Discipline, and Heal as much as possible. Can take some points away from heal and concentration to get spellcraft, however this is only necessary if you want to be able to counterspell.
Final stats:
HP: 342(582)
AB: with full +STR gear, Tenser's and haste: 45/40/35/45
AC: with +7 full gear, haste and divine shield 78

Playstyle: This build is very similar to other heavy armor-wearing sorc/pm toons. Use your mummy as a meat shield while you blast away with spells, or use your damage shields and rely on your crit immunity to not get yourself killed.
Pro's vs. other sorc/pm builds: Marginally higher AB (+2 compared to a 29sorc/1bard/10pm with 8 STR) build. +4 AC and +4con with divine shield/haste compared to tumble/haste/boots of hardiness, or +8AC compared to tumble/haste/boots of striding +8. More spells/day with a higher CHA. Higher saves with Dark Blessing. Higher DC for spells.
Cons vs. other sorc/pm builds: 1 fewer epic sorc feat. Less HP as levelup ability increases go to CHA. No UMD. Requires two pre-epic feats.
Pros/Cons vs. Exalted Sorcerer build (32 sorc/4 pal/4 rogue): Higher AC, crit immunity with PM levels. No UMD. Requires 2 feats.
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