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Gondor vs Mordor  |  Gondor vs Mordor 1  |  GvM1 Character Builds  |  Spellcaster Builds  |  Rabbacs Revenge! - Brownie: Sorcerer 36/ SD 2 / Bard 2
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Author Topic: Rabbacs Revenge! - Brownie: Sorcerer 36/ SD 2 / Bard 2  (Read 922 times)
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« on: 12 September 2020, 03:19 »

SD 2 (to hide and get uncanny, evasion) Bard 2 (simply for UMD/Disc skill dumps and for all
those nice monk and hiding items and so no-one spoils my day my KD!)

To start, apart from my Rak which can't cast maxed icestorm anymore, i've no real experience with sorcerers so ANY advice or pointers would be great. As usual this is meant for solo play (i think i'm the only one in the UK still playing  Grin ) so with that in mind it's played like my rak only with different spells, decent defences, lots of spells and a good hide i'm hoping.  I spent that long taking tips from old builds i didn't have time to build it yet so i'm not sure of the final stats thought i would ask for advice 1st.

Race: Brownie (nice bonuses)
Alignment: I go true nutural so i don't get hit with smites.

str 6
dex 22
con 12
int 16
wis 12
cha 21 (34) *All points in Chr

* Dex is needed for AC and Hide/MS skills, didn't think the drop in caster levels was worth the epic dodge. 21 starting Chr Smiley Int 16 i like my skill points and I dont need str this is a robe toon carrying little (and i'm tiny!)
skills: I havent ran it through the tester yet but hoping for Concentration Spellcraft (34) max hide, ms, disc, tumble (40) at least.  

lvl progresion: 1-20 Sorcerer take your bard lvl to dump in UMD (I did 22 so i get 25 UMD/Disc) and meet the skill req for SD then take your SD lvl to get HIPS and last lvl SD to max tumble, ms and hide and last bard for Disc.  

pre epic feats:

Mobility (handly get dodge as a starter)
spell focus evocation
spell focus necromancy
empower spell
extend spell
grtr spell focus evocation
grtr spell focus necromancy

*you could drop one of the focuses and get max spell and maybe stealthy.

Epic lvl feats:

In no particular order as you can swap with playing style even some of the pre epic if you want combat casting early. Obviously the Epic Skill focuses need to be taken as general feats and to have 20 ranks in them but the rest can be taken anywhere. You could drop Epic Mage Armour (overkill?) and Mummy dust if you wanted a couple more Chr.

mummy dust (hes a distraction and i get to heal him and attack with mords)
Epic Warding
Epic Mage Armour
Epic Spell Focus Nec
Epic Spell Focus Evo
Combat Casting
Improved Combat Casting (25 Concentration)
3 x Gre Chr
*Epic Hide
*Epic MS
*Epic Disc

spells and tacticts:

Hide n cast rinse and repeat! (all this because my poor rak doesnt work anymore  Cry Cry Cry)

I'll get over it eventually anyway i'll update this as it goes and again any help is appreciated.

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« Reply #1 on: 14 September 2020, 09:28 »

I believe the changes to SD mention that for some outdoor areas a hips cooldown of 6s is introduced and you need 10 SD levels to ignore that cooldown.

1. I don't know in which areas
2. contrary to having SD melee toon, you probably don't need to hips again in the same round, since you'll be casting your spells, right?

Still, if you mistakenly start casting and didn't see some enemy, you could get in a pickle if you don't have 10 SD... Just thought i'd put it out there Cheesy
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« Reply #2 on: 14 September 2020, 18:48 »

Cool build!

However I would skip epic skill focus disc and improved combatcasting. They are needed if you plan om getting hit. With SD you dont plan on that. You got the mummy remember.

No need for extend haste since it's perma-haste on players. Get maximized instead for more dmg.

Also if you go 38/1/1 you get an extra bonus feat, for example hellball Evil
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« Reply #3 on: 15 September 2020, 23:53 »

Hey, i really only posted to see if anyone was alive ;)

Thanks for replying  both of you.

I must admit it was tempting to go for epic dodge and 10 lvls of SD but even though my rak only had 2 lvls of SD i can't say i ever noticed any cooldown or i would seriously consider 10 i'll see how it goes.

I must admit i'm hoping the ac wont be too bad with buffs and spells and of course a summons here and there to keep my distance but TS will spoil my day Smiley the biggest drawback from a rak build is unfortunatley being immune to lvl 8 spells and below... that really made the build!

I cant go 1/1 mainly because i'll miss out on evasion and uncanny, dex of 22 (34) is too good to loose ;)

When it comes to solo toons i just cant see past HIPS otherwise if the spell casters dont get me then the archers/melee will.. but trying to make them do enough damage to kill mid lvl bosses on thier own with defenses is damn hard! Smiley

Other options were HS which kinda goes with sorcerer but i couldn't see what i would use it for other than the defensive potion, couple of extra chr or dex and of course the old favourite Pally level for saves was tempting but umd from bard is probably the most useful.

I'm having doubts already about putting the effort in to build this guy.. maybe i'll go back to the drawingboard on sd, thanks for the advice though.

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« Reply #4 on: 14 October 2020, 17:58 »

I'm leveling a similar build to this.
Didnt really plan it out and still can't decide on whether to take bard or paladin in addition to sd...  Probably going to go with paly.

I'm forgoing disc as I don't think I'll be able to get it high enough and after reading this post think I will skip improved combat casting too.

Ive gone with spell focus conj instead of necro but maybe I can squeeze three focuses in...

I'll let you know how I get on!
And by the way I'm from the UK too so you're not the only one 😃

My account in game is RainWhenIDie by the way...
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