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Author Topic: Brownie - Paladin 16 / Monk 4 / Champion of Thorn 20  (Read 233 times)
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« on: 02 November 2020, 00:23 »

Paladin - 16 / Monk - 4 / Champion of Thorn - 20   -   Alignment - Lawful Good*

Race - Brownie


Str: 13
Dex: 23
Con: 8
Wis: 14
Int: 14
Cha: 14


Concentration: 12
Discipline: 43
Heal: 43
Parry: 42
Tumble: 40

AC: Depends on the gear. Mine gets 87 AC with all buffs, 97 with Improved Expertise.
AB: All buffed up this build can get +20 ab and loads of attacks per round. Now since this build is dual wielding kamas, it's kinda tricky knowing the correct AB. It seems like it's different everytime, but all buffed up you can get to 70 ab with 12 attacks per round. Although I managed to get to 75 AB a few times.

Level 1 : Paladin    - Power Attack
Level 2 : Paladin    -
Level 3 : Monk    - Weapon Focus (Kama)
Level 4 : Paladin    - +1 Dex
Level 5 : Paladin    -
Level 6 : Paladin   - Two Weapon Fighting
Level 7 : Paladin  -
Level 8 : Paladin  - +1 Dex
Level 9 : CoT  - Ambidexterity
Level 10: CoT - Improved Two Weapon Fighting
Level 11: CoT -
Level 12: Paladin - Divine Might, +1 Dex
Level 13: CoT - Dodge
Level 14: CoT -
Level 15: Paladin - Divine Shield
Level 16: CoT - +1 Dex, Improved Ciritcal (Kama)
Level 17: CoT    -
Level 18: CoT   - Expertise, Improved Expertise
Level 19: CoT   -
Level 20: CoT   - +1 Dex, Extended Spell
Level 21: CoT - Blinding Speed
Level 22: CoT -
Level 23: CoT -
Level 24: CoT - Great Dex I, +1 Dex, Epic Weapon Focus (Kama)
Level 25: CoT -
Level 26: CoT -
Level 27: Monk - Great Dex II, Tumble +30
Level 28: CoT - +1 Dex
Level 29: CoT - Epic Prowess
Level 30: CoT - Great Dex III
Level 31: CoT -
Level 32: Paladin - +1 Dex
Level 33: Paladin - Armor Skin
Level 34: Paladin -
Level 35: Paladin -
Level 36: Paladin - Great Dex IV, +1 Dex
Level 37: Monk - Tumble 40
Level 38: Paladin -
Level 39: Paladin  - Great Dex V
Level 40: Monk  - Maximize Discipline, Parry

*: If you want to make Mordor you can start as Monk and pick Neutral or Evil Alignment.

The gear for this build is kinda constraint since you need to maximize Dex/Wis/Cha/AC. The priority should be getting +12Wis/Dex/Cha over Str/Con from items alone and the highest AC you can make.

I am using Robe of the Tree Court, Greater Halo, Blessed Cloak, Unnatural Gift, Bigby's Bane, Amulet +7, Nazgul Clutch of Life and Nazgul Fleeting Step.

The only two Kamas that I know about are from Mordor Goblin, you can find him in Mordor controlled outpost and in the areas before Barad Dur, the one with two towers. The other kama comes from Dragon in the snow mountain after Dale.

The saves of this build are insane, you will pretty much have to roll 1 to anything to fail.
Fortitude: 44, Reflex: 60, Will: 45. With Divine Wrath that goes to 53/70/54 and that's without any items with saves.

I'm gonna be honest, I have mixed feelings about this one.

The AB and AC are definetly good, saves are insane. The damage can be high will all those irresistible damages, every hit does around 40 to 50 dmg with 12 attacks per round wich is good for a dex based build.

Survivability is really bad, the HP of this build is really low because I had to focus on others stats
Buffs barely last for one boss fight and that is the mains problem of this build.

Actually I would say the duration of buffs is the main problem with paladins/champion of torns in general. The duration of the buffs are pathetic and you have very few uses a day.
Without the buffs the AB of this build goes down to the low 60s or high 50s wich is pretty much nothing in high level raids and most of the damage goes away too.

I really think paladins/cots are in need of some boost compared to barbarians, rangers and blackguards. The mains issue is the duration of the buffs compared to other classes.

If PvP was still a thing, this would be a very good build for it though.
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Characters on GvM²
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« Reply #1 on: 28 December 2020, 18:06 »

Hmm interesting build Thiag,

I have a Ranger (gets the shield bonus) 37, monk 1, SD 2 build which is not bad but still takes a while to kill stuff. Might of went BG route with it but like you say the buffs just dont last.

Not absolutely sure but i think Brownies get dodge for free.


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