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Author Topic: Human - Sorcerer 29 / Pale Master 10 / Bard 1 by Supabastid  (Read 1649 times)
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« on: 16 August 2008, 05:57 »

Human Sorcerer/Bard/Palemaster

Abilities start/final
strength 12
dexterity 8
constitution 16/26
wisdom 8
intelligence 14
charisma 16/20

Sorcerer - Extend Spell/Toughness
Sorcerer - charisma, Still Spell
Sorcerer - Empower Spell
Sorcerer - charisma
Sorcerer - Max Spell
Sorcerer - charisma, Spell Penetration
Sorcerer - Greater Spell Pen
Sorcerer - constitution
Sorcerer - Weapon Proficiency Martial
Pale Master - Great Constitution I
Pale Master
Pale Master
Pale Master - constitution, Great Constitution II
Pale Master
Pale Master
Pale Master - Epic Damage Reduction I
Pale Master - constitution
Pale Master
Pale Master - Epic Damage Reduction II
Sorcerer - constitution
Sorcerer - Epic Damage Reduction III, Epic Spell Warding*
Sorcerer - constitution, Epic Spell Greater Ruin*
Bard - Epic Skill Focus Discipline
Sorcerer - constitution, Great Charisma I

Discipline &n bsp; 42
Heal &n bsp; 43
Spellcraft &n bsp; 40
Concentration 43
Use Magic Device 20

Hit Points max/possible 562/802
Armor Class 39ish
With the correct items this build is almost unstoppable.
I recommend -
Mage Links armor - 10 slashing resist
KevlR Gloves - 15 piercing resist
Glacier Belt - 10 bludgeon resist, 30 cold resist
Boots of Striding +8 - +8 constitution
Animal Magnetism Cloak - +8 charisma
Fell Ring - +2 charisma
Pelargir Sorc Helm - +2 charisma and a bonus lvl 9 spell slot
Lucky One - short sword that gives improved evasion
Ring of Elemental Resistance - 15 resist to cold/fire/electric
Anything else is up to you.

Just keep the damage shields up and don't run out of heals. Icestorms and horrids also work wonders. With 70ish discipline don't worry about being knocked down.
Should end up with about 17 or so horrids per day and 30ish of the various icestorms...spam away and collect your loot. Don't worry about spell dc's, with that many castings u don't need them to fail saves.
Can solo the Corrupted Orc Thrall without resting
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Haven't played in ages…
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