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Author Topic: Human - Sorcerer 32 / Paladin 4 / Rogue 4 by Supabastid  (Read 3188 times)
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« on: 16 August 2008, 06:01 »

Human - Sorcerer32/Paladin4/Rogue4
No XP Penalty Cheesy

Abilities start/final
strength 13
dexterity 8
constitution 14
wisdom 8
intelligence 14
charisma 17/30

Sorcerer - Spell Focus Necro/Toughness
Sorcerer - Greater Spell Focus Necro
Sorcerer - charisma
Sorcerer - Extend Spell
Sorcerer - charisma
Sorcerer - Empower Spell
Sorcerer - charisma, Maximise Spell
Sorcerer - Power Attack
Sorcerer - charisma
Sorcerer - Still Spell
Paladin - Epic Spell Focus Necro
Rogue - charisma, Armor Skin
Paladin - Divine Shield
Sorcerer - charisma, Auto Still I*
Sorcerer - Auto Still II
Sorcerer - Auto Still III*
Rogue - charisma
Sorcerer - Epic Spell Warding
Sorcerer - Epic Spell Greater Ruin*
Sorcerer - charisma, Great Charisma I
Sorcerer - Great Charisma II*
Rogue - Great Charisma III
Paladin - charisma
Skills -
Discipline 43
Heal 43
Spellcraft 40
Concentration 43
Use Magic Device 20

There are skill points left after these 5 but they are up to the player and don't matter all that much. UMD can stay at 20, with charisma of 42 with items you get a +16 skill boost anyways, so even 15 UMD would be fine.

Hit Points max/possible 312/552
Armor Class 80ish with good gear, Haste, and Divine Shield

Since you get 4 dodge ac from haste and another 16 from Divine Shield you can then use you boots item slot to equip some boots of striding to easily get max hp of 552. Also saves you from having to take Epic Mage Armor to have decent ac.

I only chose to focus in Necro since Horrid Wilting is about the only worthwhile damage spell that has a save. But with 42 charisma you get alot of Horrids and Icestorms to spam around, not to mention the Bigby's you may choose.

IMHO, with low hitpoints aside, this is about the ultimate PvP build. The only type of build that won't run from you is another caster with equal ability or enough hp (see pm farmer above) to make up for it. Everyone else is dead. Rogue-type hipsers die real fast, with ts and high Horrid/Wail dc's they are done......doesn't help them that you have Uncanny Dodge and don't lose 30 ac from hips. Melees can't hit you, and if they can't do that what else are they good for? Death.

Where this build really shines though is against dragons. Not a single dragon build, hips or otherwise, can hold a candle to this build. They will run after seeing half their hp disappear in 20 seconds without touching you once.

Then there is the whole Evasion/Paladin lvls/High Charisma/Saves thing. Basically you only fail saves on 1's. Saves against spells are usually in the 50's for your modifier if correctly buffed.
*******note that in this build and the ones above that * denotes an Epic Bonus Feat.
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Haven't played in ages…
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