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Gondor vs Mordor  |  Gondor vs Mordor 1  |  GvM1 Character Builds  |  Spellcaster Builds  |  Dwarf wiz/pm/bard By Shermit
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Author Topic: Dwarf wiz/pm/bard By Shermit  (Read 1291 times)
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« on: 18 August 2008, 18:32 »

Ok- Im sure there are things wrong with her but this is how I built thelma

Dwarf wiz/pm/bard

the only thing I might change is con for more HP

set str 12 con 12 and the rest into int- left overs would go con

1-20 wiz

feats- auto still spell 1-3 spell penetrations, mummy dust pick the rest yourself

21 bard I didnt wait because I wanted to wear full plate

feat heavy armor

22-32 pm

33 & 34 bard to boost the song- didnt realize at the time cha was required

35-39 Wiz

feats, epic warding epic mage armor

40 bard to max out tumble

end abilities - int maxed- didnt pick any other

skills- discipline is maxed, tumble is maxed, spellcraft maxed, heal maxed

I purposely only noted the important feats/skills for yall to use your imagination with-

AB is lowsy but fully buffed AC is 72 Can solo Issengaurd and Issendor- Tried the Mino cave boss but havent figured it out yet. Suggestions for the wiz- there are stores, drops and *chests* where you can find the scrolls to have every spell memorized so there is no need to choose what spells you want- you can have them all.

Suggestions for improvement- some CHA would be nice for the bard spells and better song.

Have an Evil Day.
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