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Author Topic: Human Wizard 29/Palemaster 10/Bard 1 By Shermit  (Read 1443 times)
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« on: 18 August 2008, 22:47 »

Alrighty. Here is my idea for a wizard. Not going the long form because I really don't know how without all the spacing.

Human Wizard/Palemaster/Bard 

true neutral

str 10 dex 10 con 16 wis 8 cha 14 the rest to int

skill points go into concentration, heal and spellcraft

neccessary feats

Extend spell, maximize spell, empower spell,  spell penetration, greater spell penetration, scribe scroll, craft wand, toughness, mummy dust, epic warding, epic mage armor, still spell, and auto still spell 1, 2 and 3

1-20 Wizard

20-30 palemaster

30-38 wizard

39 bard ... skill point dump into discipline, tumble and UMD ... heavy armor feat

40 wizard

Havent worked out all of the feats yet.

Any suggestions to make this character better would be appreciated.


Have an Evil Day.
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