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Author Topic: Rogue5/Blackguard9/Sorceror26  (Read 1429 times)
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« on: 05 September 2008, 20:58 »

Sorry not going into minute detail on this build

Start with 14STR, 14INT, 16DEX and 16CHA and other stats that work.
End with about 20DEX and 24CHA.  This obviously require a couple GREAT DEX or CHA feats.
Your first level should be rogue.  If you don't know why just do as I say  wink
Must take PA/Cleave early so that you can take 8BG pre-epic and 4rogue pre-epic and take DIVINE MIGHT/SHIELD.
You need WEAPON FINESSE but with a keen rapier you can skip IMP CRIT since you still crit all the time.
You can take EPIC WARDING and your summonable pet of choice:  mummy or dragon
You have to take your last BG and rogue levels very late so you have a long interval of mediocre disc, taunt, tumble but I don't recall it causing a big issue.  Don't expect this build to mature until later, lvl35+
Use a Goblin tower shield so you have no spell failure but carry a Spellguard for the IGMS spam.
I didn't take KD on this build but as a rule I take EXT SPELL on practically everything.

Now run around, cast spells to disable your opponent and exploit their weaknesses.  Your AC is 82ish and many builds have trouble hitting you after taking a lvl26 Mordor's disj.  You can counterspell, taunt, throw up a few spell mantles so you're very hard to get at.  Not to mention with epic warding and damage shields your attacker has to think twice before the all out charge works.  Now when they are sufficiently down on their luck and you're 52round haste is running strong you down your bless/aid pots and throw up tenser's to get 60ab and see just how strong they are.  You get 5d6 total sneak as well.  If you want an extra body around to annoy them summon your Osyluth or Reaver.
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