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Author Topic: Human sorc35/ bg3 / monk 2  (Read 2222 times)
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Characters on GvM²
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Aka Fellelves

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« on: 11 March 2009, 16:03 »

   Human lawful evil alignment {this is my morghul practioner of the dark arts toon post wipe version}
str 16
dex 8
con 12
int 12
wis 8
cha 16 {final 28}
current ab on toon lvl 40 is 50/45/40 with any wapon while in tensers. ac is 74 fully buffed hp is 506

skills conc 43 disc 43 spell craft 35 tumble 25  heal 21 hide 5
lvl progresion 1-21sorc  22monk  23bg  24-25sorc  26-27bg  28-39sorc  40 monk

pre epic feats:

power attack
spell focus evocation
spell focus necromancy
empower spell
extend spell
grtr spell focus evocation
grtr spell focus necromancy
still spell

Epic lvl feats:

Dragon knight
auto still spell 1
auto still spell2
divine sheild{this will be at lvl27 max disc here}
auto still spell 3
grt cha 1
epic warding
mummy dust
grt cha 2
grt cha 3
grt cha 4
epic skill focus discipline

Gear I have found mos frequently worn usefull: gorelacks plate, lorien arm guard, power sheild,   petrified sheild, fell ring, ring of force,demon hide belt,short guy syndrome boots, nymph cloak +5  then +6, drow amulet, staff of deflection, sword of the fallen.

spells and tacticts:

lvl 3 neg energy burst is very usefull for me it lowers the enemy str  while dealing damage and heals my mummy.
lvl 4 ice storm, imp invis , elemental sheild.you must as a mage have these spells.
lvl5 fire brand, bigbies interposing hand.   I call these must have spells as well.
lvl6 death to undeath...  undead slaying made easy.
lvl7 tensers transformation. In a pinch he can be a meler mostly a ac tank but with reduced armor classes all around he still hits a fair share and many monsters can only be killed with wepons.   I dont have any other bigbies besides interposing and i dont have  Igms.
lvl 8 sunburst,  this is the main point for the evo grtr focus  high dc blinding is a good thing also take greater sanct and horrid wilting here.
lvl 9  wail mords and dom monster are my choices   but mostly I cast stilled horrids stilled sunbursts and mords.
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Characters on GvM²
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« Reply #1 on: 30 April 2009, 17:23 »

Excellent build and great job with the details. Only things i would b 2 drop 2 str in favor of 2 con and maybe go 4bg/4rog to get uncanny dodge, umd, and maybe might if u melee a bit.
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